9 iPhone Tips & Tricks That You Didn’t Know

iPhone has always been in news for its features & high quality. You might have also thought once in your life to buy iPhone. I also wished and finally bought it after selling my friend’s kidney.  Do you also own an iPhone? I bet you’ve no idea about these hidden iPhone tips & tricks which can make your daily life more easier.

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Unknown iPhone Tips & Tricks You should Try

1. Reorder Your Contacts list in 3D Touch Shortcut

Using the 3D touch, you can pull up your favorite contacts in your home screen but the four contacts might be not from your most contacted contacts. The four contact that appears in the 3D touch widget are the people who are in your favorites list so there is only need to edit the order of the favorite list.

Head to Phone ->> Favorites

Tap the edit button and drag the contacts to reorder them.

You can choose only one number if multiple numbers are available of the same person or even select message instead of phone call.

Reorder Your Contacts list in 3D Touch Shortcut

2. Free up some space by clearing out the cache in google map

The offline maps work great but when you download them, it automatically accepts cache and cookies which takes a lot of space on your phone. The more offline maps you download, the more space it takes. Thankfully OS X remind us to delete the cache but when you do this, it will also delete everything in google maps includes offline maps, cookies, and caches. Follow this iPhone tips & tricks to clear out the only cache from google maps.

Open Google Maps and tap on the menu in the upper left corner.

Go to “Settings” and then tap ‘About, terms & privacy’

Choose “Clear application data”

Tap on “OK” to confirm you want to delete Google Maps app data and app caches.

Free up some space by clearing out the cache in google map

3. Use “Do Not Disturb” while playing the game to avoid disturbance

Gaming on iOS is always a fun because it gives a smooth experience but we all hated the notification which pop-ups in the middle of the game. This cause game to stutter which always led to failure. The one-stop solution is enabling the Do Not Disturb mode while playing the game.

Head->> Settings >> Do not Disturb  

Make sure that silence is always set to “Always” otherwise you will still get a notification while playing the game.

It is an obvious fix for iOS users but it’s also an easy toggle to forget about.

Use “Do Not Disturb” while playing the game to avoid disturbance

Liked this iPhone tips? Try before starting a game and share the experience.

4. Get rid of microphone button on the keyboard

Either you are using small screen iPhone or bigger screen iPhone, accidentally lot of us still tap on the microphone button while tapping on space button. The microphone button starts up dictation which is a very useful feature though but this is annoying as well for some people.

Make your life little easier by getting rid of microphone button with this iPhone trick

Tap->> Settings->> Keyboard

Set the “Enable Dictation” toggle off.

The microphone button will get disappear from the keyboard now.

Get rid of microphone button on the keyboard

5. Set a default contact method to access number easier

If you have a multiple contact number or email; one for work, one for home, It becomes confusing sometimes which number to call or message. When you tap on the blue icon of new contact field in iOS 10, it asks you to which one you want to use. The one you select becomes the default. While setting up the default phone, it also initiates the call or message, so be ready to cancel while doing this.  

Set a default contact method to access number easier

This is extremely useful iPhone tips and tricks to avoid any hassle.

6. Create Custom Vibrations

How great it would be to know who’s is calling just by feeling the vibration in the pocket. Select the contact and edit, you will see vibration option there. You will see many options includes, create your custom vibration using a new vibration tool.

You can set the different vibration for your wife, mother, kids, and boss. This iPhone tip works best if you are a multitasker. You are already aware of the customized ringtone for your contacts and iPhone light flash to know who’s calling.

Create Custom Vibrations

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7. Track a Flight

What do you generally do for tracking the flight? Download mobile app, enter the flight number and track it. With this iPhone tips & tricks, there is no need to do this, just enter the flight number in the safari and get everything just by hitting go button. You will not only get the flight status but a real-time map where the flight is.

Track a Flight

8. Clear out old devices from your iCloud account

If you previously own Apple devices which you’ve sold, lost or not used anymore, then surely your iCloud is cluttered with iPhones, iPad, and Mac. This is frustrating when two-factor authentication is enabled in your iPhone. It’s not a bad thing to remove unnecessary devices from your iCloud so you don’t send two factor-authentication to an old device and wonder why it’s not working.

Go to Settings ->> iCloud ->> Your Name → Devices

Tap “Remove from account” if the devices no longer exist.

Clear out old devices from your iCloud account

9. Audit iOS Settings instead of quitting apps on your iPhone to improve battery performance

People love to quite apps to improve the battery life of the phone. This thing doesn’t work, Apple’s own Craig Federighi confirms it. Most of the apps running in the background all frozen in RAM, they are not using the battery. Your battery is killing up by background app refresh, notification or location service is turned on all the time. This is why it is suggested to audit iOS settings every month. It includes removing unnecessary push notifications, clear out your app disk space etc.

I bet you haven’t tried these amazing iPhone tips & tricks. Do you have something to share which can be added to the list? Please share with us in the comments. 

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