No More Selfie Stick! Try This Mini Drone Phone Case

Now Your phone will get wings. Yes, selfie addicts, you have heard it right. The mini-drone phone case Selfy, built-into case of the smartphone let you take selfies from heights. Just detach a drone from the phone case, hover it at the perfect height, and click numerous photos with free hands. The phone case is controlled by the camera app to take selfies, controlling zoom, and adjusting the angle.  

Have a look how Selfy works? 

As per the majority of the people, Drone an external device is a hassle, they need to charge, need to carry other equipment with them, which is not convenient. Selfy provides convenient way without any hassle with high-end technology in a thin phone case 9mm (3/8in). The phone case which is always with you, no worry about forgetting it at home and don’t have to fly. Just take out from the phone and control it easily through the application.

Selfy clicks high-end stabilized pictures and record videos from the new perspective. You only need to look at the shot in your phone and adjust the shot you want it to be. You only need to control the photo, there is no need to worry about the drone. If you would like to zoom in, adjust with the fingers and the drone will come a little closer to take a zoom shot.

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Drone Vs Selfy Mini Drone Phone Case

  • It is not free to carry Selfy is a phone case.
  • Drone is Complicated to fly, Selfy is for clicking pictures, not to fly.
  • Drones are not affordable to everyone but Selfy is.

Flying Methods Of Mini Drone Phone Case

Fly by Picture: User can adjust the image on the screen in a way he wants to be.

Fly by joystick: You can control it by two joysticks.

Fly-POD control: You only need to set the height and every touch on the arrow will rotate 10 degrees accordingly.

Mini Drone Phone Case

Highlighted Features of Mini Drone Phone Case

  • 13MP Camera with 1080p/60FPS
  • Wi-fi Control
  • Compatible with iOS and Android
  • Fits every 4”6 Smartphone
  • Replaceable Battery

It lasts about 4 minutes once it is fully charged. It takes half an hour to full charge. Selfy has a range of 45 feet, far enough for taking a selfie. All the Selfy products are currently out of stock and it will be back in stock very soon.

There have been rumors that Snapchat is working on creating a Selfie drone but nothing came up yet. Still, as discussed above, the drone is not hassle-free as compared to Selfy.

Are you excited to buy this phone case for your phone? But It’s not a commercial product yet still it is such a nice innovation.  

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