Being Social Equals Being Stupid: This is What You are Doing on Social Media

I hate surfing social media. Are you allowed to say this sentence or you are called a psychologically unstable if you say this sentence? Will people see this as a confession and compare you with the people who don’t understand the reality of revolution and claim the earth to be flat. Still, I hate social media.

smartphones are making us dumb

People are going on a vacation just to take photos. They are  posting it on social networking apps just to show off to their friends. Doing the latest social media challenge for being a part of the latest trends? People are doing this for the sake of fear of missing out from social media.

I am kind of glad that there was no social media fever when I was a teenager. The teenage is when you learn something new, try different things and this is what you are doing with your teenager. Surfing the internet for whole day, clicking risky selfies, posting them on Facebook & Instagram, doing some dangerous task to gain popularity on social media. Let’s have a look at the risky and high dangerous challenges people are doing and posting on the social media.

Latest Social Media Challenges

Let’s talk about the latest and trendy social media KiKi challenge where a person has to jump from the moving car and dance alongside it on the song “In My Feelings”. Mumbai police & Jaipur police warned people to against the Kiki challenge but people are not ready to stop Just for being trendy on social media. Have you also tried this kiki challenge or planning to do this challenge? If yes, then you are also a part of the artificial world.

The next weird challenge is Momo challenge, A new blue whale challenge where participants are told to contact Momo which is an “unknown number”. Users are threatened to harm or kill themselves. A few weeks ago, a 12-year-old girl in Buenos Aires, Argentina hanged herself from a tree for completing Momo challenge.

The Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge where girls enlarge their lips using a shot glass for an oversized pouty look. The hot pepper challenge where people eat chili peppers to rank highest on then the Scoville Hotness scale. The choking game where two people intentionally cut off each other oxygen.

Why people prefer being on social media?

These challenges are too dangerous but still, young teenagers are part of these challenges. The question arises what is the need of these dangerous challenges. According to Dr. Karthik KN, these days youngsters suffer from personality disorders. This is the serious issue which needs to solve as soon as possible. Now the next question arises that What is the right way of cure from FOMO?

The best antidote for FOMO is consciously choosing a life of simple living, essentials or minimalism. I agree that technology is great but only when if its is getting used in a right way and right time. What you are watching on social media is not necessary nor real. Lastly but impactful, don’t think that what people will think.

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