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Social networking applications for your mobile phone

9 must have social networking apps


Social media is known as a continuously evolving life-changing episode in our personal and professional lives. No one has ever thought that one day they will encounter such a startling thing in their lives which will lead them to a revolutionary world where they can better socialize, interact with people professionally/ personally and can easily access /dig out any information in a fraction of seconds. Gone are the days when Facebook and MySpace dominated the web but now everything has gone mobile as we live in an increasingly mobile world. Everyone is attached to their mobile devices all the time including marketers, students, families, friends etc. Sharing real-time photos, videos, and information has become a trend; people are extremely crazy about these days. We would come to know the power of these mobile-enabled social networking apps when we see people are actually touching the new skies of success in their businesses, getting better career opportunities and moreover finding their lost relations and giving a brighter edge to the relations with their family and friends.

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There are tons of social networking apps available these days offering different amazing services. Here we have listed a few trending social media apps which are included in must-haves of most of the people.

  1. Snapchat:

It is an overrated extremely popular private messaging app for sharing photos and short live videos having a touch of fun elements attached with it. Snapchat works on the idea of ephemeral messaging which means once the message or snap is viewed, it will be disappeared forever.

The interesting part of Snapchat is that it is not only a photo sharing or a messaging app; you can also do marketing for your business on it as well and if you are not using it for marketing, you can still download the app to have an eye on the others to know what’s going on in the market and how others are using Snapchat precisely for their business.

We can say with over 100 million active users daily, Snapchat is the future of social media.

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2) Whatsapp:

Social_app_ whatsapp

Being a messaging app Whatsapp has more users than Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest combined. Whatsapp not only allows you to send text but also allows you to share photos, videos, location, update status and make voice and video calls over the internet. One can download the app on mobile and computer and also use it on the web as well.

Whatsapp is one of the life-saver through which you can stay connected to your friends and family even when you are on your international trip. It is widely being used for marketing and dealing in businesses by the marketers as well.

3) Twitter:

Social_app_ twitter

It is one of the biggest platforms to share real-time news and get connected with famous personalities around the word like CEOs of big companies, politicians, celebs etc. Millions of people around the world tweet about various topics and trending news using relevant hashtags and there are many other apps to help them to do that.

Twitter is also a very popular medium which is being prioritized by many companies for the digital marketing of an individual or for a business. Again like any other social networking app, you can also share photos, videos, and GIFs on it.

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4) Linkedin:

Social_app_ linkedin

Are you looking for a better career opportunity? / are you looking for a suitable candidate for the job? Linkedin serves you a phenomenal platform full of incredible opportunties / candidates.

Linkedin has evolved from being just an online resume updating website to a social networking platform for all the professionals around the world. One can directly reach out to the professional of your field, make valuable connections, participate in a conversation, be a part of different groups of your interest, publish articles and post and search a job on Linkedin.

5) Instagram:

Social_app_ instagram

No one is unknown of the fact that Instagram is most popular image sharing app. Facebook might rule over the web for its image sharing feature but Instagram undoubtedly ruling over mobile. It also allows you to share video clips. Instagram has proven itself as a boon for the e-commerce businesses. One can share their product’s images and videos along with appropriate hashtags to reach out to the maximum number of audience.

6) Google+:

Social_app_ googleplus

Google plus is Google’s own social networking app/site. Google+ presents an open platform to all to share feeds. You can make circles of people who share the same interest. Google plus is packed with other cool features like photo editing and hangout; Google’s text and video chat service.

7) Pinterest:

Social_app_ pinterest

Here you can find tons of creative ideas of your interest. It is again very popular means of marketing in the e-commerce sector. You can easily like any image and pin them or your own images to your feed.

8) Facebook messenger:


Many were annoyed when Facebook had introduced a separate app specially for messaging but accepted with grace by the people later on. It has 900 million active users as on April 2016 and the counting is still growing up.

Messenger allows you to make voice and video call over the internet, send text and animations on chat. Facebook offers a list of options to the businesses to grow on it, using Facebook messenger for resolving customer issues is imperious.

9) Tumblr:


Tumblr is one of the well-liked blog platforms. Like Instagram and Pinterest, the tumbler is highly dominated by visual content like videos, images, animations, and GIFs.

It allows its users to share blogs and articles in all formats like text, audio, and dialogues along with visual content which makes your time spending on it more interesting and worthwhile.

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If we consolidate whatever you have read so far in this blog, you would come to the conclusion that social networking has taken over the world. Individuals are growing, businesses are earning massive profits. What are you waiting for? Take out your phone and install these smart apps for your own growth.

Note: This post was originally published in April 2017 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.