How refurbished phones can save you tons of money post-pandemic?

Why Buy Refurbished?
Buy Refurbished Phones


The pandemic has left billions of people in the world short on money. In fact, many people can’t even afford to buy new phones. It’s not surprising that some people are looking for ways to get their hands on refurbished phones at a discount price.

But how does this work?

What makes refurbished phones so cheap? And is there any risk involved when buying used smartphones? Why do people buy used phones? What are the risks associated with buying refurbished smartphones? Is it worth it to buy a refurbished phone over a new one? How much money can you save by purchasing a refurbished smartphone instead of buying a new device outright? Continue reading “How refurbished phones can save you tons of money post-pandemic?”

Smartphone Photography hacks

Smartphone photography tips

In today’s digital age, our smartphones have become a constant companion keeping us in continuous contact with the outside world. With the current demand for high-quality smartphone cameras in new mobile phones, smartphones are increasingly becoming our shoot-anything, take-everywhere digital cameras. Only a few years ago, clicking pictures and making videos with mobile phones was a compromise, with low image quality. However, times have changed since, and phone cameras have gotten better and better.

Check out some essential hacks to capture the best images you can get from your phone:

1. Start with a good quality camera

This one is a little obvious, but the quality of smartphone cameras is increasing day by day. If you’re using an older handset, there’s a chance you could upgrade to better camera quality. If you’re looking to upgrade to a newer model, be sure to sell your old phone at InstaCash for the best price and seamless & safe pickup. Continue reading “Smartphone Photography hacks”

How to hide apps on Android devices

How to hide apps on Android devices

How to hide apps on Android devices

While you can always lock apps on Android, people will still see the app, and as we all know, the world can judge fairly. So, if you were thinking of ways to hide apps on Android, we have some good news for you. Here are many ways to hide apps on Android devices. Over time, Android skins are shipped with the traditional ability to hide apps. You do not need root or you must disable apps to hide your important apps on Android. Here, we have mentioned the traditional methods where it works and the standard method for all Android devices. You can follow the steps from the link below. Continue reading “How to hide apps on Android devices”