8 Best & New Android Apps for Your Smartphone

Google play store has around 3.5 million apps till December 2017. There are multiple apps with the same functionality in the google play store. If we search for photo editor in google play store, we find multiple apps but we are unable to find which one is best. So we try all of them one by one. Instead of trying all the apps, we have found some best & new android apps for you that should be in your devices in this 2018.

We have created this list on the basis of user ratings, reviews, app feature, and popularity of the app. You can pick any of the free apps for android which suits your need best.

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New Android Apps For Your Smartphone

1. LastPass: Password Manager App

LastPass is a password manager which lets you manage all your passwords with only one master password. It is one of those android apps which should be in your phone in this social media world. After login in your LastPass, you can automatically login into all your browser or apps. It is cross-platform so you can use it on mobile, desktop, tablet or whatever. You can also go for the premium plan for adding more security.

2. Pocket: Save your favorite articles

Recommended app to manage everything which you want to read later. You can save all your links i.e. article, video or whatever you want to read later. Just save it in the pocket. It has beautiful reading experience, clean layout and customizable. The best android app with unlimited storage, manage articles category by tags, save with one click only, listen your article with text-to-speech.

3. Evernote: Note Taking App

Get your work done in an effective manner with evernote. It is a digital notebook to keep up your ideas, to-do list. Take notes in various forms includes text, image, pdf, audio, video. Use camera to scan anything and add your comment over there. Organize all your bills, invoices. Share your list, the idea with other peoples. Create documents with comments and share it with your team to keep everything transparent for business purpose.

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4. Thrive: Lifestyle App

This app brings control on your life so you can connect with yourself more. If you enable this app, it blocks all your calls, notifications, messages from the all except the VIP list. Auto reply feature is integrated when you are unavailable and when you are available again. It gives you data how much you use the individual app. It sets the boundary for every app, if you have set the limit of 12 AM for any app, you are not allowed to use the app after 12 AM.

5. Nwsty: News App

The best android app for news if you are not in habit of reading the long news. It gives you daily 6-10 most important headlines and keeps you updated with the global news, international news, sports news, science. Every morning read the most important news, share the news with your friends and families with just a single click. You can read each news details in the app also. Basically, this app makes your smarter and make you aware of the surrounding world.

6. VLC Media Player

This is one of the free and open source players that play most of the multimedia files. It can play any type of file; video or audio files, network shares, DVDs. It plays all the possible video formats, the player with equalizer and filters. The app is available for free to all, no in-app purchase. It has support for multi-track and subtitles. It also supports auto-rotation, volume, brightness.

7. ES File Explorer ( File Manager App)

This is one the best android apps for file management which can handle work of 15+ apps. Easily access your computer from Android over WiFi. ES file manager lets you browse the android file from your PC. You can easily uninstall multiple apps, hide media from the gallery, Extract apk from your install apps, quickly transfer big files between two android phones, remove pre-installed system apps. Most of the people are not aware of this feature that you can use the ES file explorer as a browser also. It is definitely one of the best android apps to make the use of the phone with easy access.

8. PicsArt: Photo Editing App

Picsart has 1000+ amazing features to make every picture awesome. Picsart gives you access to collages, frames, amazing stickers & fonts. Those who are fond of editing their picture or their favorite one on a special day, then they must download this app. It gives 100 of free templates and uploads 100s of new images every day so we can use them in the background. It includes tools to crop, edit and stretch the images. You can adjust the transparency of the photo, snap pictures with live effects, photo remix with just a single app.

Did you find this list of free best android apps helpful? Please share your review in a comment and your favorite Android app also.

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7 Things to do Before Selling iPhone: Wipe Your iPhone

Bored with your old phone? Now planning to sell your iPhone and buy a new hot smartphone. 2018 is packed up with a lot of amazing and sexy mobile phones, you have a good option for your new phone.

The great thing about iPhone is, old models also have a nice value so you can get a good amount for your old phone. In this excitement, don’t forget to wipe all the data from iPhone and take a backup of your phone on the cloud.

wipe your iphone

Follow these steps before you sell your iPhone

1. Backup all Data

You are selling iPhone, but all the stored data in your phone, you need in your new phone. Our phone has a lot of personal information; photos, videos, contact details, messages, emails, notes, we don’t want to share this information with anyone. Yes, we are going to wipe out all the data but first we need to backup the data so we can use this in the new phone. You can take backup to iTunes or cloud.

2. Wipe iPhone before selling

Make sure you are deleting everything from your iPhone before selling it. Sometimes the data can be restored when you manually delete it so check twice or thrice the data. There are various toolkits available in the market to delete the data from your iPhone permanently with just a single click. No-one will be able to recover your data after deleting using this software.

3. Turn Off Find my iPhone

This is an anti-theft feature which asks for original Apple ID to activate the phone for a new user. The new user is restricted to use the iPhone without the original Apple ID. Make it convenient and easy for the new user by turning off this feature before selling your iPhone.

4. Restore to Factory Settings

You are safe after deleting the data from your old iPhone. Confirm it by restoring it to factory settings. This will delete all the data, settings from your iPhone, and returns the phone in neutral state same like when it first came out of the factory.

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5. Disable iCloud Account

When you restore to factory settings, Now you are left with nothing in your phone. There are only inbuilt apps and the iOS in the phone. Confirm it by login here : http://www.icloud.com/ find, if it doesn’t show anything then you are all set to go and if it still shows your phone then go to the site and remove the phone from your account. For disable your iCloud account, Go to settings, Tap to cloud and press delete account button.

6. Turn off iMessage, Sign Out from iTunes & App Store

Signing out from the apple id automatically disconnect all the features of the cloud.
Sign out from iTunes
Go to Settings > iTunes & App Store > Apple ID > Sign Out.
Sign out from iMessage
Open the Settings app > Messages > iMessage > switch to off.
Sign out from Facetime
Open the Settings app > FaceTime > switch to off.

7. Call your carrier and ask them to remove iPhone from your account.

These are the important things to do before selling your iPhone to anyone to keep yourself safe from any problem.

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How Your Phone Can be Hacked: Prevent Phone Hacking

Cell phone hacking can be done easily without your knowledge. Everything is hackable from your phone including contacts, emails, messages, each and every sensible information. Leaking of photos from iCloud is the perfect example of hacking. No-one knows that how many cell phone hacking has been done. Data says that U.S has the lowest malware infection rate in the world.

Criminals have a device so they can easily hack your phone through your number only, they can read your text, steal your photos, get your banking passwords and more.

Things to do to protect your smartphone from being hacked

1. Public Wi-Fi

Usually, we find public wi-fi on airport, railway station and cafes. We become greedy for free data usage and this thing can breach your phone security. We think that these public wifi’s are secured because they are asking for a password. This is one of the most common methods of cell phone hacking. When you start using your phone through the public wifi, the hacker gets all the access to your mobile phone for data theft. He can easily access your phone and do whatever he wants. They can (remove the text highlighted in blue) access your email, password, photos, contacts, and messages.

public wifi

Tips to save your phone from hacking via WiFi:

  • Keep your WiFi-turned off so your phone doesn’t get connected automatically to the public WiFi. Turn on whenever needed.
  • iPhone shows warning saying that the server identity cannot be verified and asking if you still want to connect. Read each and every permission, terms and conditions before you continue it.
  • Avoid suspicious links: If you find something very good then try to avoid it. Don’t think about downloading from the public wifi because it is free. Hover on the hyperlink to see what’s behind the link.
  • Maybe you are doing payment somewhere or doing some business stuff by using public wifi then all your card details are shared with the hacker which can give you a big trouble.
  • Don’t follow “HTTP” site while surfing from public wifi. These sites are not encrypted and safe.
  • Keep security software in your phone to prevent yourself from hacking.

2. Operating System

An outdated operating system is another way for hackers to enter in your smartphone. We get OS update time to time but most of the people avoid it.These updates are released to protect system from any malware attack. Hackers are so fast, when any new update release in the operating system, they get aware of this.

Tips to save your phone from hacking via operating system :

  • The latest operating system of apple is 11. Make sure your phone is working with the latest iOS.
  • Android 8.0 oreo is the latest operating system. Maybe your phone is old so you are not getting operating system updates. Check-in setting that your phone is working on latest OS and there is no pending update.

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3. Malicious Apps

Applications downloaded from the third party sources or from suspicious links can lead hacking your smartphone. Hackers can steal data from inside your apps. Maybe they can steal your card information if you have saved your credit/debit card details somewhere.


Tips to save your phone from hacking via apps:

  • Carefully install any app. Read the permissions & warnings before installing any app from any third party resources or avoid to install an app from third-party sources.
  • Make sure that no-one else is using your phone for any kind of calls and messages.

Hope these above tips will help you from cell phone hacking and you can use your phone without any worry.
“Keep your phone safe”

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