GST: Impact on Smartphone market

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The Goods and Services Tax is a multi-stage and comprehensive tax launched by President Pranab Mukherjee and PM Narendra Modi. The launch on Friday midnight at the Central Hall of Parliament made the process of taxation transparent and gave a clear and simple view to check black money across the country. The GST will be levied on the value additions at each point of manufacturing chain starting from the very first step of manufacturing till the consumption by the end user. It is a nation-wide tax reform which is introduced to curtail the corruption in our country and bring an end to the discrimination faced by loyal traders and honest businessmen. This historic tax reform will integrate the country into one market under a single taxation system. Moreover, it will function with strict guidelines and provisions, devising an infallible technique to implement this new tax regime. This will not only improve the financial status of our country but also lead to the overall economic development.

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This whole thing about the launching of GST is revolving around government’s Digital India and Make in India campaigns. And to make Digital India a success, Smartphone become the key to proceed with, especially when the government is encouraging the use of digital use of currency.

The introduction of GST has impacted the Indian market on the whole and at the same time, it has brought some good news for the gadget lovers as the tax incidence on the Smartphone has come down making the Smartphone available to the customers at cheaper prices. As mentioned by finance experts, the customers should not worry about the extra burden of GST while purchasing a Smartphone. It is clearly evident that a smartphone currently attracts 2 percent central excise duty and VAT varies from state to state (around 5 percent to 15 percent).Thus, the weighted average VAT rate comes out to be 12 percent. Therefore, this leads to a figure of more than 13.5 percent as the present total tax incident on Smartphone. But the finance ministry quoted against this rate and said that the proposed GST rate for Smartphone is 12 percent. This reduction in the tax rate by 1.5 percent is likely to benefit the Smartphone market. There is a win-win situation for buyers as even if the Smartphone manufacturing companies do not get the desired incentives, they are likely to offer great discounts to lure the customers.

The lowering of the prices of new Smartphones in the market tempts the customers to purchase new ones. InstaCash brings a great deal of benefit for you in this case where you can get the best value of your used Smartphone which would be calculated according to the actual condition of your phone via an automated functionality test, done by InstaCash App. The price offered to you here would be better than what you would get in the actual market. So now it is the time to grab the opportunity when you can even enjoy the great discounts offered by Smartphone vendors and purchase a new Smartphone as well as at the same time, seal the best deal to sell your old/used phone at a much better price with added advantages like home pickup and instant payment facilities.

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Oneplus 5: A phone that gives a neck to neck competition to iPhone

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It’s time to make a smart move. Why are you struggling with those old functionalities and features of your old smartphone? With the technological advancements and enhancements, you must pace yourself accordingly and get updated likewise.

The month of July always marks the start of a new phase. In this new era, technological advancement is something which brings newness into our lives. The launch of Oneplus 5 in the market recently has brought a great deal for you. Oneplus 5 has been in great demand much before its launch. Its features capture the user’s eye and have appealed them to a great extent.

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5 businesses you can start from your smartphone

Out of job/work? Do not have enough money to start a new business? Looking forward for an opportunity to knock the door of fate? Do not have adequate latest technology equipments? Gone are the days when people used to declaim such things. The world is getting smarter and touching the heights of success with just one little piece of tech in the grasp of their palm called “SMARTPHONE”. It might be surprising for you but it’s the utter reality that you can actually start and run a business from your Smartphone without expensive equipments, from your home. There are many millionaires around the world who have kick-started their career with a business that had seeded and flourished from their phone.

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All you need is a Smartphone with a right idea; right tools and a strong determination and you will be all set to start your own business without spending tons over costly gadgets. So are you ready to hear jingling of auxiliary coins in your pocket? Here are five business ideas that you can start just using a Smartphone:

1) Social Media Marketing: Social media has been evolving at a fast pace and with the increasing rate and popularity of various social media platform; the audience is more diverse and fragmented. Brands have started considering social media an important medium of marketing.

Therefore social media marketing has become an essential part for every brand and a potential field for employment. Many companies have their own social media marketing team but many prefer to get it done by freelancers. So if you have a good knowledge of social media marketing, you can work as freelance social media marketing specialist with just a Smartphone which everyone has these days. Also, you need a few apps/tools that can help you make your work easy and accessible like Buffer, Hootsuite, Google analytics, Facebook advert, and of course social media apps where you want to do marketing.

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2) mCommerce Seller: Nowadays more and more people prefer to shop from online stores and sellers. You can set up your own mobile shop and start a business right from your Smartphone and also by doing social media marketing of it you can gain more popularity among potential customers. Or you can also sell your product through apps of popular retail sites like eBay, Flipkart, Amazon etc.

3) Consultant and Life Coach: If you have expertise in any particular area then you can work as a consultant and a life coach and share your expert advice with your clients through mails, calls and video conferences. You can even make your social profile and a website to offer your services to the people.

4) Videographer: rapid and advance technology improvements in Smartphone industry have made everything possible for us. You no longer need swanky cameras and hi-tech expensive equipments to make and edit a video. Today’s Smartphone cameras give you such fine HD quality result. Just download editing apps onto your Smartphone and create your own videos stories, share them on different media channels and earn like anything. You can even offer your expertise to your clients.

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5) Writer: If you have an urge for writing then blogging is a right career to opt for. Many major blogging platforms like WordPress, Tumblr, and Medium also have their apps where you can write your own blog and post there. Or you can also work as a freelance writer and write content for clients as per their requirement.

The fact that screen sizes have become smaller plays a vital role in revolutionizing today’s work style and has opened the door of uncountable opportunities of employment. If you have the talent and a business plan, then no matter whether you have bags full of money to spend on or not, still you can establish your own good business.

Note: This post was originally published in May 2017 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.