Top 5 hidden features of android smartphone which can enhance your work


There’s a secret world inside your Android smartphone, there are many hidden features that you don’t know about. Nowadays, every person has an absolutely indispensable smartphone in their pocket. But still they don’t about what incredibly they can use it.

So, we are listing some cool android tricks which will help you in working more efficiently, translating your writing, connecting to Wi-Fi without password and many more. So, let’s look at some fascinating features of Android. Continue reading “Top 5 hidden features of android smartphone which can enhance your work”

Top 5 Coolest gadgets for Smartphones in 2020

 In this digital world, nobody exits without their mobile phones. Most of our work is done through phones, be as a professional, a businessman or a student. Cell phone is important for everyone and so are the smartphone gadgets that make the phones actually “smart”. Modern Smartphone Gadgets are really great and work wonders for everyone. They have great hardware, operating systems, and features which can help in our day to day life.

InstaCash have listed some of the best and most useful smartphone gadgets for iOS and Android, that will make your life easier and saves a ton of time as well. Check them out! Continue reading “Top 5 Coolest gadgets for Smartphones in 2020”

Reduce waste by finding another home for your old smartphone

We’ve all been liable of it. We seize the chance to purchase that glossy new smartphone and hurl the old smartphone one aside, regardless of whether that be in a garbage cabinet, in a crate in the wardrobe, or in the trash cans. While clutching that old device presumably won’t hurt any person or thing for the present, it’s surely not helping anybody either but it does not means to throw it in landfills.

You may have known discussions about the earth most of which allude to a conclusion of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Selling your old gadgets to InstaCash can contribute towards diminishing e-waste in landfills and also help used smartphones being reusable. When a gadget can’t be sold or reused, there is consistently the third alternative to recycle it. Continue reading “Reduce waste by finding another home for your old smartphone”