How many of us have ‘end of life’, ‘used’ or ‘further usable’ PHONES?

The second hand market allows consumers to not only dispose off phones or any other electronic device more sustainably but also enables someone else to consume that technology at a much more affordable way.

There are now more legitimate ways to dispose of phones especially, without the fear of misuse of phone’s data. One such sustainable and trusted solution for reselling mobile phone is InstaCash.

Created with a strong desire to attack on the pilling issue of e-waste in the country. The platform is much more than a re-commerce platform for selling used mobile phones. There are multiple layers to the business including the idea of making a high-end technology available to a user who is not capable of buying a new device or is capable of paying only 20% of the total cost of the phone.


InstaCash’s ideology of ‘No Comprise’ bridges the gap of having the latest technology at an affordable price. The team believes that the ownership of latest technology shouldn’t be a privilege to few but a right for all.

Leading with more than 1800 pickup points available in India, and a presence not only in India but also in countries like Malaysia and Singapore. Additionally, we also take care of the seller’s privacy, and ensure the data is completely wiped off from the device permanently before re-selling it to another user.

By disposing electronics more sustainably via legitimate sources, one can contribute not only in helping curb the growing issue of wrong disposal of e-waste but also help someone else to own a piece of technology which he can’t otherwise afford.