Top 5 Coolest gadgets for Smartphones in 2020

 In this digital world, nobody exits without their mobile phones. Most of our work is done through phones, be as a professional, a businessman or a student. Cell phone is important for everyone and so are the smartphone gadgets that make the phones actually “smart”. Modern Smartphone Gadgets are really great and work wonders for everyone. They have great hardware, operating systems, and features which can help in our day to day life.

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InstaCash a platform helping solve the e-waste problem at grass-root level

The Indian economy is a buyer’s economy if we look at the growth in the number of smartphones manufacturer in the last 5 years in the country we would know why it is called a buyers economy. The growth of mobile phone manufacturers in India from 2 units in 2014 to 268 units in 2019. 53% of the new phones are being added in tier 2 and tier 3 cities.

This figure also highlights the hidden fact that also 18% higher numbers of phones are today being discarded and adding up to the e-waste. As environmental concerns today alarm everyone, we cannot ignore the fact that platforms that provide an easy and safe way to resale or recycle your old mobile phones will become more and more crucial to manage the environment friendly sustainability of the smartphone revolution.

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