Indian mobile phone users prefer fast charging and long battery life as per a survey

Indian mobile phone users prefer fast charging and long battery life as per a survey With cell phones turning into the essential device for work, gaming, streaming, 7 in each 8 cell phone users in India feel long battery life and fast-charging technology are the most important evaluating factor while buying a smartphone.

When evaluated over parameters of satisfaction with battery life, OPPO smartphone users scored the brand the highest, trailed by Samsung and then realme with a slight difference.

Regarding quick charging, customer fulfilment was most elevated with OPPO, trailed by OnePlus and then Samsung with the least.

When surveyed about the significance of features of smartphone that they prefer while making a buying decision, about sixty percent respondents referred to battery life as a key parameter, preceded by the camera specifications, as indicated by the ‘Insights On the Go’ survey conducted by CMR.

Regardless of whether it be an endless streaming of professional calls or finding loved ones, the cell phone battery life plays a fundamental job. For buyers, a long battery life, just as fast charging up the juice of battery plays essential role in making buying decision.

Consumers are highly concerned about battery life that they turn down screen brightness (more than seventy percent), turn-on battery saver mode (more than sixty five percent), close battery-expending applications (more than sixty percent) and, in incredibly extreme conditions, even turn off battery killer Wi-Fi (more than fifty percent) and GPS or location services (almost fifty percent).

The findings also indicated that 7 in each 8 users charge their cell phone once in a day at least and normal duration of charging in a day being 66 minutes. This study included 2,000 cell phone clients in 18-30 age group.

While cell phone brands push more innovations and advancements, buyer needs are similarly revolved around the essentials, for example, cell phone battery. To such an extent that the battery is a key factor in cell phone buy behaviour.

We have carefully analysed and brought up such smartphones with fast charging and long battery life:

  • Moto G7 Power: It is packed with 5000 mAh of battery that sports 15 hrs of battery life.
  • Samsung Galaxy A20: This smartphone comes with 4000 mAh battery with 13hrs of battery backup.
  • Redmi Note 9: It comes with 5020 mAh battery out of the box that provides 14 hrs of battery life.
  • Reame 5i: It is packed with 5000 mAh of battery that sports 16 hrs of battery life.
  • Asus 6z: This smartphone comes with 5000 mAh battery with more than 10hrs of battery backup.

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