Mobile phone and coronavirus?

Mobile phone and coronavirus?
How and when to disinfect your phone?

How to keep your smartphone clean during a pandemic

As we have adopted the “new normal’ world, preventive measures have become important, especially measures like washing hand and  also disinfecting frequently touched surfaces. However, we may be overlooking the cleaning of a surface we touch the most- our mobile phones.

Numerous studies have found that cell phones may be potential carriers of viruses and bacteria. These may potentially include the novel coronavirus, putting you and others around you at risk. CDC recommends cleansing all highly touched surfaces daily, including mobile phones, keyboards and tablets. However, smartphone manufacturers have warned against improper cleaning techniques that may damage your phone.

So what is the correct way to clean your phone?

Smartphones’ screens, in particular, are made from delicate materials and hence are susceptible to damage if cleaned improperly using harsh chemicals. Apple recommends using a 70% alcohol solution for wiping down the phone. But here are some essential points to remember when sanitising your phone-

  • Unplug all wires such as charging cables from the phone.
  • Remember to remove the phone cover. This will need to be cleaned separately.
  • Do not spray sanitiser directly on your phone.
  • Spray 70% isopropyl alcohol solution on a soft, lint-free cloth or disposable wipes and gently wipe down the phone. Avoid excessive wiping or applying excessive force.
    • Avoid bleaches, sprays, or abrasives. Again, do not spray anything directly on the phone.
    • Do not dip your phone in any cleaning liquid!
    • Dispose of the tissue or wipe immediately.
    • If your phone cover is made of silicone or hard plastic, feel free to wash with soap and water. Ensure it is completely dry before putting it back on the phone. For leather cases, wipe it down with microfibre cloth with a soapy solution.
    • Be careful of the different openings on the phone- charging port, audio jack, volume and power buttons, speakers, etc. that may get damaged due to contact with liquids. Use gentle hands to clean around these.
    • Avoid touching your face during the cleaning process!
    • Remember to wash your hands with soap and water, for 20 seconds, after cleaning the phone.
    • Once both the phone and cover are dry, put them back together.You now have a phone safe to use around your family. Do keep in mind that the frequency of cleaning will depend on the level of usage. If you’ve been near coughing or sneezing people, or if the phone was placed on a contaminated surface, the frequency will be higher. Excessive cleaning must be avoided, however, and there’s no need to clean your mobile phone more than once a day. At InstaCash, we ensure your safety while you sell your smartphones to us.  Our pickup executives use adequate measures including use of masks, sanitisers and maintaining social distancing as per the government norms, to prevent coronavirus spread.