Best Android Apps to Make Most Out of Android Phone

The google play app store is filled up with loads of android apps and features that aims to make your life easy in every possible manner. From waking you up in the morning till tracking your sleep at night, there is an app for almost everything. The Google Play app store keeps on updating quite often with new apps being added almost everyday. These new android apps offers great excitement and surprises to android users which helps them to unleash the potential of their android smartphones. Talking about the figures, it hosts approximately one million apps on its platform.

Best Android Apps to make most out of your smartphone

This blog features the collection of best android apps that will definitely make you fall in love with your android device. It’s quite obvious that you can’t download them all at once, But you must pick few based upon your interest.

Top Useful  Android Apps for Smartphone

AutoPick – Lets you scan the text

It can be a challenge to take out text from the hard copy of document. This is one of the best android app that lets you scan highlighted text from the physical papers and then converts it to digital form. This allows you to easily edit or use that text in other documents as well, making it as a editable text file. This is a very simple and easy to use productivity tool that doesn’t utilizes much space.

Shazam – Guess and plays the music

Shazam is a pretty cool best android app for the music lovers. Sometimes, you just murmur the lyrics but don’t know the title of song. In this case, shazam can help you to get the right track in no-time. This app is so impressive that it can clearly identify the song played in the background. You can also buzz it a lyrics to get the exact title of the song without waiting much. This is a must download android app for your device. 

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Swiftkey – Smooth & Efficient Typing

Swiftkey is a perfect keyboard app to make your typing smooth and efficient on android device. In terms of its unique feature, this app understands the user’s inputs and then predict the words and sentences based on user behaviour. It also offers glide typing through which you can just swipe the finger over alphabets to type. It does offer access to thousands of interesting emojis which can make your conversations interesting.

Mi Drop – Fast way to share files

It is a very useful file transfer app for android devices to share files between different android devices. It can be considered as a fastest way to transfer files without bothering about higher download times as it happens in the case of bluetooth. This compact app consumes only 5 MB of space and doesn’t even require internet/data to transfer files.

Clean Master – Optimize phone

Is your phone running too slow with multiple apps? The clean master is very useful app for android device that helps in improving the performance of phone. It is among the most popular android apps that cleans the junk and cache files to optimize the RAM resulting in better processing speed and performance. This app is available for free to download from Google Play app store.

Google Tez – Pay Instantly

This is a quite useful app to transfer money instantly to your friends. This app is launched by google in order to allow users to take benefit from UPI which lets you transfer and receive money using mobile number. This app works on the concept of Bank to Bank transfer unlike other wallet apps such as Paytm, Mobikwik etc.

Runtastic – Fitness Tracking

This is a very popular fitness app that tracks your fitness through activities such as -running, biking, walking etc. This app access your fitness activities and deliver results based on calories burnt, fitness goals completed etc. This app also pairs with android wear if you have a fitness band or smartwatch. This is another best android app to track the fitness.

InstaCash – Sell Old Mobile Instantly

It is a good app to check your phone’s resale value and perform the diagnostics of your phone hardware. This app offers you convenient option to sell old mobile if you are looking to upgrade to a new phone.

These apps are quite helpful in day to day life and might help you get best out of your smartphone. These apps are usually handpicked on the basis of reviews and popularity of app among the google play users.