Music Addicted? The Best Smartphone For Music Lover in 2018

What is the first thing comes up in your mind while you plan to buy a new smartphone? Camera, Storoage, RAM?? Have you ever thought about the audio quality of phone and searched for the best smartphone for music?

Although every smartphone has a good music when you are using quality earphones but still, there are manufacture companies who are focusing on providing awesome music experience. They always give priority to high sound quality while manufacturing a new phone. The best music comes with a combination of audio chip and software. Are you a music lover? This article needs your attention.


5 Best Smartphone for Music Lovers 2018

1. Sony Xperia XZ2

First thing strikes in mind is “SONY”, when we talk about the music quality. The Walkman in SONY Xperia XZ2 offers numerous audio settings- Clear Audio + Options. The audio quality varies with the song and delivers best audio quality. This is a really amazing option, how it easily adapts the song details and change the quality in the same manner.

There is more sound enhancement, an equalizer with presets and manual settings. The different modes for a club, concert hall to provide a better experience to music lovers. Smartphone speaker with clear phase, automatically adjust the phone quality in the reference of a song, and xLOUD boosts up the internal speaker. These amazing features make it best smartphone for music lovers.

Sony Xperia XZ2: best smartphone for music

2. HTC U11 Plus

The audio quality is one of the best reason to pick up the HTC 11 Plus. It has two different modes: Music and theater boom speaker.  Music mode especially works for high, mid-bass with the cleanest quality. Theater mode works best while watching videos. You can create a personal audio profile which makes the sound more impressive. It has digital amplifier inside to improve the sound quality.

HTC U11 Plus: Best phone for music

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3. LG V30

Music lovers, this phone is for you with upgraded Hi-Fi Quad DAC. This is not the first smartphone of LG for music lovers, previously LG V20 came with the Hi-Fi Quad DAC.  V30 is a bit higher with Quad DAC to play Hi-res audio files up to 32-bit/192KHZ. The phone impresses with digital filters, the option of having a customizable sound and reduce distortion for cleaning output.

LG has been able to reduce the distortion to 0.0002 percent in audio signals. It has received as a Mic which is capable to record loud sound clearly without any distortion. Its amazing features make it the best smartphone for music.

LG V30: Smartphone for music lover


The phone has the best audio amplifier which gives the best sound that can be found in the phone today. It has AKM 496 Hi-Fi recording processor combined with AKM 4490 audio amplifier. A company uses first-class DAC which makes it impressive. The sound is great while both the earphones are plugged in. The volume is loud enough. Maybe you can find some distortion in sound sometimes.

ZTE Axon 7: Music Love

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5. IPhone 8

This phone has a nice performance as compared to the other iPhones in terms of sound quality. The sound is very clear with the earphones and external amplifier also. This is the best smartphone for music who are iPhone lovers. It is true that Apple is still following traditions and its competitors have moved forward.

iPhone 8 : Best audio quality phone

So, which of the best smartphone for music you are going with? Do you have any other recommendations? Please share your thoughts with us in a comment.

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