No More Low Price! Sell Your Phone for Most Resale Value Online

Have you tried to sell your phone at the offline store and got the different price at each store? You are tired of the negotiation and at last, you dropped the plan of selling your old phone. Do you know there is an online re-commerce website which is providing the amazing resale value of your old phone? Your old phone can bring you a value which can be utilized to buy a new phone.

In the online era, there is a two option available, one is an exchange and one is a recommerce platform. At exchange platforms, you get the average value for your old phone and at the recommerce platform, you get the actual worth of your old phone. At exchange platforms Apple is Apple and Apple is also orange and at recommerce platforms, Apple is only apple, not orange.

We have checked the price of old phones at both the platforms and got better resale value at the re-commerce platform as compared to exchange platform.

I tried to exchange my OnePlus 5T 128GB for OnePlus 6 which is only 3 months old. The exchange platform offered price is Rs 6,975.00. The re-commerce platform offered price is Rs 17,195 which is 3 times of exchange platform offered price.

Refer to the Screenshot

Exchange Platform Offered Price

 exchange platforms offered price


At re-commerce platforms, The phone resale price depends upon the condition of the phone, the current market price of the phone, demand of the phone and the age of the phone.  

InstaCash Offered Price

instacash offered price


Few Tips to Get Most Money From Your Old Phone

The smartphone is the electronic products whose value depreciates every day. Once the new smartphone launches, the value of the previous version of the phone decreases. You will get 25% more price of your phone if you sell it before the updated version of phone releases.

Always use screen guard, back cover for your phone to keep it in a top notched condition. It is very obvious that you will get more money from the flawless phone than the device with scratches.

Don’t throw the mobile phone original box away. The box and the original accessories of the mobile phone can add more money in the selling price of your old phone.

Your Old Phone is Worth more than you think

A perfect condition phone with original accessories is worth more than a scratched phone. To get the best possible price of your phone, you need to do some research. Maybe you’ll get the best price of your phone to sell it to another person but this is one of the risky methods. You may get in a trouble or in any illegal case if it is misused by the person.  Trade-in is another option but the payments are mostly in the form of credit or exchange for a new device. Selling directly to the company pays the least amount of money.

You may find a lot of hassle, negotiation and unwanted calls if you go to a classified website, maybe you get a good price. Once you’ve set price in your mind now you can check the price of your phone at online platforms. Simply go to the website, answer a couple of questions and you’ll get an estimated price of your phone.

The easiest way to sell your old phone is the online websites. You’ll get the satisfactory price of your phone, pickup will be arranged from your doorstep in next 24 hours and payment is made instantly at the time of pickup.

Going to sell your iPhone? Don’t forget to do these things before you sell your iPhone.