Real Me 1 Vs Redmi Note 5: What’s Best!

The mobile industry seems to be quite competitive these days as the tug of war is currently going between the leading mobile brands. The brands are not missing out on any chance to position their devices amongst the best high performing specifications of mobile devices in budget segment.  The scenario is almost similar in the case of Oppo Real Me and Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 which looks quite competitive in terms of both performance and design. Here is the in-depth analysis and comparison between Real Me 1 vs Redmi Note 5. Let’s see which one has an edge over the other.

Real Me Vs Redmi Note 5

The main competitive edge is focused on performance as consumers always look for phones with better performance and specifications.  

Real Me 1 Vs Redmi Note 5

Competitiveness & Pricing

It is a tough competition between Real Me 1 vs Redmi Note 5. The Real Me 1 is a sub-brand of Oppo mobiles which is a new entrant in the Indian mobile phone market while Redmi Note 5 has already conquered the market in budget segment of mobile phones. The Real Me 1 comes with three different models starting from the approximate price of Rs.8,999 which goes upto 13,000 for a 6 GB RAM variant. In contrast to it, The Redmi Note 5 comes at the approx. price of Rs. 9,000 for a 32 GB variant.

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Looks & Design

The aesthetical aspect always allures the consumers as it adds lot to their style factor. The Real Me 1 features a new diamond like reflective design which looks premium in this price segment. The device is quite light and offers a good grip while holding it on hand for a longer period of time. The Redmi Note 5 features almost similar design to its predecessor Redmi note 4 but the round corners on the display makes it look quite appealing. Comparing between both the devices, the Real Me 1 wins the design aspect due to its premium finishing which is quite better in quality and looks than that of Redmi Note 5.


The display is one of the essential things that consumers look while buying a smartphone. In terms of screen size, the Real Me 1 has a 6 inch display while Redmi Note 5 comes with 5.99 inch screen. Both the device features resolution of 1080 x 2160 pixels with IPS display.

Most of the consumers complaint of visibility of display not being good under the bright light condition, but fortunately this is not the case with both of these devices. The Real Me and Note 5 really performs well under the bright sunlight.

Processor & Performance

The Mediatek chipset has really made a good comeback with the Real Me 1 as it looks quite promising in terms of the performance on 4 GB RAM. The Mediatek Helio P60 is an AI Powered processor that collectively takes care of graphics, acceleration and performance of the device. On the other hand, The Redmi Note 5 features Snapdragon 625 octa core processor with the capability of 2.02 GHz per core that makes the device to perform quite well. The Mediatek seems to be a quite good performer here as compared to that of Redmi Note 5’s snapdragon processor. The Real Me 1 can be considered as a best smartphone with 4 GB RAM in terms of performance.

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Camera Quality

This is another differentiating point when it comes to choosing best smartphone with good camera. The Real Me 1 features a rear camera of 12+5 MP while Redmi Note 5 offers 13MP camera with LED Flash. In terms of selfie camera or primary camera, the Redmi Note 5 offers a good quality 8 MP camera that produces images with good colors and vibrancy. While the Real Me 1 features whopping 20 MP camera that surely offers a good quality but didn’t satisfy in terms of composition and colors.

Battery Life

Real Me 1 comes with 3410 Mah battery while Redmi Note 5 offers a 4000 Mah battery that really makes the device lasts long upto a day under normal usage conditions. If you are looking for a smartphone with a good battery life and optimisation then this should be your pick.


In order to sum up comparison between Realme 1 vs Redmi note 5. The Real Me 1 and Redmi Note 5 almost offers pretty similar features to its potential consumers but Real Me 1 really wins the edge in the case of performance. The Mediatek processor really gives it an extra edge while playing or using high performance apps and games on the device. The unique design factor of Real Me 1 has a great potential to allure buyers in all aesthetical aspects. In terms of pros to Redmi Note 5, it features a fingerprint sensor that makes it easy to unlock phone as compared to face lock in Real Me 1. The Redmi Note 5 also features a good battery optimisation that makes your device last longer than Real Me 1.

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