New Smartphone Technology Coming in 2019

If you are a millennial, then surely you remember the days when the trend was a keypad, pattern lock, touch screen phone. With the evolving technology, the smartphone features has changed to the fingerprint sensor, face unlocks, battery optimization. Are you sure that these smartphone technology trends are enough in this artificial intelligence era? Have a look at smartphone technology that will be appearing in the future smartphone in the next year.

new smartphone technology

Future phones will have these smartphone technology

1. Foldable Screen

We all have been hearing about the foldable screen, This is the next big thing we are expecting in the smartphones. Samsung is planning to launch its foldable phone in early 2019. Not only Samsung; Huawei, Xiaomi, and Oppo are also in the race of launching the foldable phone. It is reported that Samsung phone will come with 7-inch screen and fold in half “like a wallet,” with a compact “display bar” on one side of the folded phone and cameras on the back. ZTE launched the Axon foldable smartphone last year but that featured two different display.

2. 5G Smartphones

Thanks to 5G which is going to make your smartphone more faster. It is reported that LG, Sony, ZTE, HTC are bringing 5G downloading speed in 2019. All of these manufacturing companies will use the Qualcomm Snapdragon X50 5G NR modem. You will also get a better video quality, 360-degree video streaming, and instant connectivity to the cloud with this smartphone technology. Samsung and Google are not a part of the 5G announcement but we are expecting 5G phones from them too.

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3. Diamond Screen Phones

Screen breakage is a common concern for everyone. Mobile manufacturers use gorilla glass to help ward off cracks. One mobile company is working on the first phone screen made of diamond and expected to arrive in 2019. The diamond glass uses nanocrystal pattern to avoid highly deep cracks. This diamond glass looks better option to protect your screen than any other glass.

4. Your phone will recognize you

Facial recognition is the trending way of unlocking your smartphone, this features not only scan your face, it also scans the person’s head and face and making it harder for fooling the technology. As we are talking about the evolving in smartphone technology, the phone might recognize you without scanning you. It will look for the other attributes like the tone of your voice, your movements, and the pattern of your typing.

5. Charging phone will no more hassle

Battery life of a phone has always been a complaint of consumers. Manufacturer companies are continuously working to improve the battery life a phone and adding a processor to reduce the drain of the battery. To solve this problem, manufacturer companies are experimenting varieties a solution such as nano-batteries, hydrogen fuel cells, solar power, and kinetic energy as well that means your phone will charge while moving around. Some of the manufacture companies have already started supporting wireless charging and others are working over it.

6. Virtual Buttons and Virtual Assistance is the future

Mobile phone companies have been working on increasing the phone screen size for years. The future smartphone will more likely to be all screen, no button even no home button, camera at the side of the device. As the artificial intelligence has already arrived, a virtual assistant will help you to navigate to your phone, apps. These features are becoming more smart and intuitive with time.

What do you think about these smartphone technologies? How your smartphone will look like in 2019 and beyond? Stay connected for the more future updates.

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