Essential Ways to Speed up Android Phone Performance

Have you ever experienced your android phone running slow? Are you looking to speed up android phone running slow?. There is a big deal in android phone running slow as these devices may get stuffed up with lot of cache, junk storage and slowing apps over the time. There is no need to worry as there are various hacks for both old and new phones to speed up slow phone in no time. It will definitely help you to regain the lost charm of your phone’s performance without taking much efforts.

Essential ways to speed up android phone

There can be enormous reasons that makes your android phone works slow. These tips can help you to get back your phone’s performance back on the track.

Uninstalling unused apps from your device

The android provides access to a great collection of free apps through its google play store. Due to this, you might end-up downloading lots of apps which might eat-up your phone’s memory resulting in slow performance of your smartphone. This should be addressed to free up memory and storage occupied by unused apps.

How to uninstall apps from your device:

● Navigate to Settings.
● Click on the Apps or Application Manager.
● Locate the app, tap on it and click uninstall.

Keep Up with the latest Update

The android usually keeps launching updates for devices which helps in maintaining the performance of old phone. Every update comes up with bug(issues) fixes, improvements and other technical changes to ensure that android works well on your device.  These updates should regularly checked to keep your android phone updated with latest OS,

How to check for the Updates in android:

● Go to the settings menu.
● Navigate to About Phone and click on System Update.
● Install the latest update if available.

Here are the list of common solutions to explore which can help in tuning up your smartphone!!

Clear the cached data

The cache is referred to as bits of data that are used for making apps and webpages load fast on your device. But contrary to its good, some apps can store junk on these cache files. These are quite smaller in sizes but can eventually take up toll on the phone’s performance. Delete the cache to speed up android.

How to clear cache from your android phone:

● Go to the settings menu.
● Navigate to Storage.
● Click on the cached data and clear it.

Stop the apps running in background

The apps running in background can be an obstacle to speed up android phone performance. These android apps can really prove as a villain to your phone’s performance as it slows down your phone’s processing capability. It is suggested that you must look to these unused apps and force close it from the settings option.

How to Force Close app:

● Navigate to Settings.
● Click on Apps or Application Manager.
● Select App and click on it to force close.

Factory Reset – This works for sure!

This option can be a last resort to fix slow android. The factory reset is a powerful option to take back your device to factory defaults settings. It usually makes your android device runs like a new phone. This option deletes and removes all your data including apps, messages, pictures etc. It’s always recommended to perform backup before proceeding for factory reset.

How to Factory Reset your android:

● Navigate to Settings.
● Hover over additional settings.
● Click on Backup and restore.
● Select Factory Reset.

These steps can be very useful for you to speed up the slow phone. You can give new life to your old phone if you are not willing to upgrade to a new one. There is always a way to sell old mobile in case you changed your mind. Sell it on InstaCash.