5 Android Benchmark Apps To Tough Test Your Phone

Have you ever thought of testing your smartphone tough? The enthusiasm related to mobile technologies lead people to know better about their smartphone’s performance and speed. They always try to understand every bit of their smartphone by performing regular checks to check where their smartphone stands among the rest.  

5 Android Benchmark Apps to test phone

There is a close possibility that you might be aware about this techy slang called “Android Benchmark Scores”. Going down more deeper, the mobile reviewers and enthusiasts are posting their results on various blogs to tell you how fast their phone performs on tough usage conditions as compared to other users who performed similar tests.

In order to make you more aware about this slang, the android benchmark test can be considered as a standard testing of your phone based upon the performance checks on CPU, Graphics, RAM etc.In simple terms it can be described as checking the performance level of your phone over a time period. Now, we also want you to perform a similar test with your phone to measure speed of your phone’s performance.

Vellamo Mobile Benchmark App

Obsessed about slow loading of webpages despite of fast internet? Vellamo is an useful mobile benchmark app that answers to all your problems related to web performance of your phone. It tests the overall performance and experience of using internet by checking various factors related to web browser such as internet bandwidth, javascript, rendering pages etc.

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AnTuTu Benchmark Tool

It is a very powerful benchmark app to gather in-depth analysis of your phone’s performance and speed. It tests your device comprehensively and then assigns a unique score to scale the performance of your smartphone as compared to other users performing the same test. The app tests various components of your device to check the compliance with the overall user experience that device should offer. The tests are majorly performed on CPU, Memory, Network, GPU etc.

Geekbench 3

It is an effective android benchmark app that tests the core performance of mobile’s processor on various grounds. It tests the in-depth processing capabilities of your smartphone by testing both single and multi-core functionalities to offer you a comprehensive outcome of your device performance. The results offered by this benchmark app is quite useful in terms of getting essential insights about the phone’s performance.

3D Mark

3D Mark is a best tool that is quite popular among the gaming enthusiasts. It offers a comprehensive check on the performance of GPU with the advanced aspects like- Rendering, Graphics etc. This is a must have app for folks who play lot of games on their android devices. The benchmark stats offered by this app is quite useful for mobile gaming purposes.

DiskSpeed/Performance Test

Does File Transfer Speed Irritates you so much? Diskspeed is best app which solves this problem well. It is a  must use app to test the optimization of device’s internal storage that checks storage functionalities as well. It uses various methods to check how fast the internal storage of a device is by performing complex read write operations. The statistics offered by this application may help you to gather analysis of device’s storage.

How much score you got for your device? These curated list of android benchmark app might really help you a lot in accessing the mobile’s performance. The competitive results generated by these applications offer detailed insights about your phone’s performance. The older devices sometimes face a great downside in terms of performance analysis. Is your old phone giving too much trouble to you? Sell your phone at best price online to InstaCash!