What is The Best Antivirus for Android in 2018?

Android is presently the most used operating system across all mobile devices and there is a high chance of you reading this on an android device. But the problems with the operating system is , android is often targeted by malware, ransomware and other viruses. You’d be wise to carry an best antivirus for android that prevents your cell phone against the attacks of all these threats. But what are the options? There is something you need to take care of here, antiviruses and anti malware’s work a little differently on android than they do on a PC. So if you don’t see a popular name here, don’t be amazed.

Best antivirus for android

I have penned down a list of best antiviruses for android that work best on android.

1. AhnLab V3 mobile Security

AhnLab showed a dramatic detection of 99.9% real time detection of new malware’s and a 100% rate of detecting known malware’s, putting him among the top contenders of the security division. Though this app lacks a few basic features like parental control and message filter that other top apps provide, it is still a viable best antivirus for android against threats to keep your device ready for all incoming malware.

2. Avast Mobile Security

Avast Mobile Security has been there for a while and Avast has made a really good name in the industry. With an active detection rate of 99.9% and no burden on your mobile’s battery, Avast is a legitimate choice for all your security needs. During a normal day of use, Avast won’t drain your battery much and it also doesn’t slow your phone by running unnecessary background operations. Safe Browsing feature helps you to browse safely over the internet and saves you against phishing attacks from malicious websites. Anti-theft features gives you a remote wipe option to protect your phone against theft of content. Avast is a must try.

3. AVG Antivirus

This antivirus for android showed an astounding 100% detection against both real-time and previously detected malware. AVG also come with a few handy features like call blocking, app locker and anti-theft.

4. Bitdefender Mobile Security

Bitdefender is a name that has unparalleled reputation and does the same in its mobile security division. A 99% malware detection rate in real-time and 100% malware clearance for threats discovered in the last 4 weeks, puts Bitdefender a solid competition against all available antivirus applications. As far as usability goes, Bitdefender does a nice job by using minimum battery and RAM. Also it raised zero false alarms against apps downloaded from play store and other legitimate platforms.

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Bitdefender also packs in great features that some of the competition fail to offer like anti-theft, remote lock, phone wipe, locate your phone, safe browsing and phishing protection which makes it best antivirus for android. Although call blocking and message filtering are not as efficient as some other competition provide. A privacy advisor and app lock also comes in as a handy feature. Overall it’s a great YES YES.

5. Kaspersky Lab Security

Kaspersky showed a remarkable 99.6% real time detection of new malware’s and 100% detection rate of known malware’s. Impressed with the usability of this app as it uses the least RAM and battery. All additional features of mobile like the remote locking, phone wipe, call blocking, message filtering, safe browsing, anti-phishing protection, privacy protection are available making this a preferable antivirus for android choice. Also Kaspersky has built a good reputation over the years giving it an edge over other app publishers.

6.  Norton Mobile Security

THIS ONE IS A MASTERPIECE or best antivirus for android in another term. 100% detection rate of real time known viruses and malware, Norton works the finest with regular updates. It raised zero false alarms and is feature packed with safe browsing, data backup, anti-theft and call blocking in its rich arsenal.

7. PSafe DFNDR

This one did a flawless job of 100% detection rate of both real-time and recently known threats. Psafe also earns an extra mark for keeping light on battery and performance. The device runs without a jerk and raised zero false alarms for apps downloaded from trusted sources. Some other additional features like call blocking, remote wipe, remote lock and locate your device will come in handy for new and old users both.

According to a report from AV-TEST, 2019 will mark the biggest increase in android malware and this is a significant warning to tell us that it’s time to get our laces tied up and be prepared for all incoming threats. Having an best antivirus for android device is a must today and should not be ignored. Pick from our list of available packages and keep your device safe from malware and threats. The choice is yours, but all the above work just fine.

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