Important Parts of a Phone You Should Aware of

Do you have any idea, what’s inside your phone? There are lots of complex components of the mobile phone, but that’s not definitely our first thought when we buy a new phone. But, still it is important to know the basic part of a phone and their functions. Are you interested? Let’s begin.

parts of a phone

Important parts of a phone

1. Charging IC

The Charging section is controlled by charging IC. It supplies the current to the whole part of a phone. It is found in Power Section near R22.

Circumstances when charging IC is faulty

2. Antenna Point

Cell phone contains at least one antenna to transmit or receive radio signals. Modern cell phones contain more than one compact antennas. They may have more than one antennas, cellular antenna, wi-fi, Bluetooth, and GPS antenna.If any problem appears in an antenna, then, there will be no network in your mobile phone.

3. RAM

“Smartphones needs instant access memory for multitasking” which is RAM delivers. Any app or game load into a RAM. You can run more apps at once with RAM. Considering RAM, an important part of a phone, android phone has moved from 2GB to 4GB and now 6GB or 8GB. When we talk about iPhone, it has managed 3GB RAM in iPhone 7 plus. Your phone gets slow down if there is low RAM in your phone or you are using multiple apps at once, It’s the time to free up your phone.

4. VCO

It is found in network section and sends data voltage to RF IC and CPU. It is VCO duty to set frequency after taking command from CPU. If any fault appears in VCO, there will be no network in your phone and phone display “Call ended” or “Call failed” message.

5. RX filter & TX filter

RX filter:  The part of a cell phone which filters the frequency of mobile phones during incoming calls. It is found in the network section of the phone. If it is faulty, then there will network problem during the incoming call.

Tx filter: The part of a cell phone which filters the frequency of mobile phones during outgoing calls. It is found in network section of phone. If it is faulty, then there will network problem during incoming call.

6. P.F.O

It is the type of IC found in network section near antenna switch which is also called as an amplifier or band pass filter. It filters and amplifier the network frequency.

If PCO is faulty, then

  • Mobile network doesn’t work
  • Weak network in the mobile
  • Mobile phone may be dead because of P.F.O. short
  • Other network related problems

7. Flash IC

It is found in power section on PCB also termed as memory IC, EEPROM, ROM IC, RAM IC. Mobile phone software is installed in IC. Mobile phone will not work properly or maybe dead if your phone’s flash IC is faulty.

8. CPU

CPU controls all the functionality of the mobile. It is located on the PCB’s power section. Every section is controlled by CPU. If CPU is faulty, then

  • Your mobile phone gets completely dead
  • Keyboard stops working
  • There is no display on the screen.

9. 26 MHz Crystal Oscillator

It is located on PCB build with metal which is found near PFO in most of the mobile phones. The crystal oscillator filters the network and creates frequency for outgoing calls. There will be a problem in mobile phone network and outgoing calls if it gets faulty.

10. ROM

ROM is a specific part of a phone which is not accessible by the user where android and other operating system are stored. Additionally, pre-installed apps are stored here which can’t be uninstalled. It loads the current operating program in a mobile phone. You may get software problem if any problem appears in ROM.

Is your phone having an issue? Have you found out the problem? Look at the above-mentioned parts of phone and analyze which component is having an issue.

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