How to Get More Storage on your Phone?

If you use your smartphone for everything in your life, from capturing photos till managing your professional work then surely your phone beeps up with “You are running out of storage” and this is the frustrating thing ever..

Can you fix the “insufficient storage available” error message on your phone? Yes, there are few ways to get more storage on your phone.

Easy ways to increase phone storage

1. Add external storage

The 1st option that comes to mind. Although with the boom of dual sim phones in the market, most phones won’t allow you to do so unless you are willing to sacrifice the secondary sim slot for some external space. Make sure that you temper your phone to install apps and camera to use the external storage as its primary device.

2. Delete cache memory

As the time goes, every phone fills up with the cache files. Clearing cache will not delete any important file from your phone. You can also clear the cache of the individual app if required.

Go to the Settings -> Storage, users will see the storage details such as used space, Cache data.

Tap on the cache data and click on “OK” to clear cache data.

This is surely going to help you to get more storage and remove unwanted storage from your phone.

Delete cache memory

3. Clean duplicate photos

Make sure that you have the rest backed up in online storage’s like the google drive and google photos. Dropbox is another such excellent space where you can sync your photos and other useful files.

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4. Use Cloud for Storage

Both Google and Apple have their own cloud server where you can store your files.

Google Drive
It provides 15 GB of storage.
Only need a gmail account to access google drive.
Save all your photos in google photo or automatically backup all your photos in google photos

Apple’s iCloud Drive
It provides 5 GB of storage.
Go to Settings –> iCloud –> Photos, Turn on the option and optimize the storage.
Your phone will automatically store your photos at minimum resolution but they will backup at cloud at high resolution.

Use Cloud for Storage

5. Remove Bloatware from your phone

You are aware of this that you can’t delete the inbuilt apps for your phone which you are not using even, it is only occupying the storage of your phone. These are the example of “Bloatware apps”. Some may be useful for you but most of the apps are useless. Rooting your device is the option to remove bloatware from your phone and get more storage on your phone. This might void your warranty though, so wait for your warranty to go out

6. Move to Stock Android

Most phones from Samsung, Xiaomi, LG, Vivo, Oppo etc use a skin on top to give you a personalized experience. This needs more storage than stock android. Try moving to stock android. This might void your warranty though. So wait for your warranty to go out and then move to stock android.

7. Other useful ways to get more storage

Clear your downloads and always look for partially downloaded files that take up the storage but never show up in the gallery or the video players.

OTG (OnTheGo) pen drives available now. You can always carry one to keep files handy and safe.

Use online music players like Gaana and Saavn to look out for your favorite songs. Instead of keeping junks of music files.

Use video/photo compressors to free up the additional space.

Although deleting images, remove unnecessary apps can free up the storage on your phone. After trying all the above-mentioned steps, if your phone still popup with “insufficient storage” then it’s time to upgrade your phone with more storage and sell your old phone at good price at instacash.