Best Antivirus for iPhone in 2018. Number 4 is Stunning.

Our mobile phone in incredibly important to us. They have our contact information, photos and many other personal things so it is important to keep your phone safe from any kind of threat. Fortunately, there are plenty of antiviruses available for app tunes for your iPhone device. Everyone claims to be the best antivirus for iPhone but not all the apps deliver their promises. We have found top-notch antivirus for iPhone that definitely deserves a closer look.

Best antivirus for iphone 2018

List of Best Antivirus for iPhone

1. Avira Mobile Security

Protect your privacy from hackers with this antivirus. One of the best antivirus for iphone for protecting your device from thousands of new threats daily.

  • Locate your phone
  • Protect from the phishing websites
  • Alert when you email gets leaked

Antivirus app formerly known as anti-theft tool helps to locate your missing phone. It’s phishing protections block suspicious websites and keeps your phone safe online. The integrated web protection alerts you when any other website tries to steal credit card information or any personal information such as email, contact details. Know what’s going on with a quick overview of the latest security events that affect your phone with this antivirus app. Backup all your contact, emails to the cloud to keep everything saved.

Go grab a copy immediately.

2. Mcafee

Mcafee company has been providing antivirus service for years so we can trust it easily in terms of security. This is the most robust software which keeps your device healthy and secure and prevents your phone from malicious activities.

This app is more interesting than you might think with lots of functionality. Hire your photos and videos from the gallery with a secured PIN. All your photos automatically get encrypted in the vault when captured in this app. Quickly reopen the vault with Face ID and touch ID only on iPhone X.
You’re able to locate your phone on a map, don’t forget to activate a remote alarm to find your lost device. You may increase the chance of finding your lost phone by saving the location of your iPhone when the battery is low.

The additional feature with wipe out all your contacts if found any suspicious activity, backup all your data to keep everything saved.

These amazing feature makes it best antivirus for iphone. You should give a try to this.

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3. Norton Mobile Security

Another antivirus for iPhone with amazing features includes real-time protection for your phone. I am sure that most of the people are already familiar with this software if they have checked out antivirus before for iPhone. With lost of amazing features, it’s safe browsing feature alert you from the harmful website or malicious links.

An effective set of anti-theft technologies include find your lost phone and trigger an alarm to quickly locate your phone, backup all your contacts, move contacts between two devices for easy access.

4. Mobile Security & Anti-Theft Protection for iPhone

Freemium best antivirus for iphone, which offers a mix of privacy and security related questions. Free features include vault to hide your personal photos, safe browser feature lets you block suspicious websites and ads, security alarm to find your lost device, secure VPN while using any app.

Upgrade to premium plan gets you cloud backup and private VPN also. There is a 3 days free trial available before you buy it. No doubt, mobile security free version is probably enough to keep your iphone secure from any harm.

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5. Lookout Mobile Security

All-in-one app which provides four layer protection. Powerful antivirus tool for protecting your phone from dangerous wi-fi, security alert for out-to-date software, theft alerts. Timely alerts whenever any company tries to breach your personal information with advice to protect your device.

Get an email alert whenever any suspicious behavior is detected, monitor your social media accounts to make sure that they are safe. Lost wallet recovery, Identity restoration & insurance, SSN Watch makes it best antivirus for iPhone and stand out from the competition.

We hope that this list will be helpful and made things easier for you. These apps are most popular and listed as the best antivirus app for iphone. It’s necessary to keep your iphone safe and secure from any malicious activity so pick up the antivirus which suits your requirement best.

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