7 Things to do Before Selling iPhone: Wipe Your iPhone

Bored with your old phone? Now planning to sell your iPhone and buy a new hot smartphone. 2018 is packed up with a lot of amazing and sexy mobile phones, you have a good option for your new phone.

The great thing about iPhone is, old models also have a nice value so you can get a good amount for your old phone. In this excitement, don’t forget to wipe all the data from iPhone and take a backup of your phone on the cloud.

wipe your iphone

Follow these steps before you sell your iPhone

1. Backup all Data

You are selling iPhone, but all the stored data in your phone, you need in your new phone. Our phone has a lot of personal information; photos, videos, contact details, messages, emails, notes, we don’t want to share this information with anyone. Yes, we are going to wipe out all the data but first we need to backup the data so we can use this in the new phone. You can take backup to iTunes or cloud.

2. Wipe iPhone before selling

Make sure you are deleting everything from your iPhone before selling it. Sometimes the data can be restored when you manually delete it so check twice or thrice the data. There are various toolkits available in the market to delete the data from your iPhone permanently with just a single click. No-one will be able to recover your data after deleting using this software.

3. Turn Off Find my iPhone

This is an anti-theft feature which asks for original Apple ID to activate the phone for a new user. The new user is restricted to use the iPhone without the original Apple ID. Make it convenient and easy for the new user by turning off this feature before selling your iPhone.

4. Restore to Factory Settings

You are safe after deleting the data from your old iPhone. Confirm it by restoring it to factory settings. This will delete all the data, settings from your iPhone, and returns the phone in neutral state same like when it first came out of the factory.

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5. Disable iCloud Account

When you restore to factory settings, Now you are left with nothing in your phone. There are only inbuilt apps and the iOS in the phone. Confirm it by login here : http://www.icloud.com/ find, if it doesn’t show anything then you are all set to go and if it still shows your phone then go to the site and remove the phone from your account. For disable your iCloud account, Go to settings, Tap to cloud and press delete account button.

6. Turn off iMessage, Sign Out from iTunes & App Store

Signing out from the apple id automatically disconnect all the features of the cloud.
Sign out from iTunes
Go to Settings > iTunes & App Store > Apple ID > Sign Out.
Sign out from iMessage
Open the Settings app > Messages > iMessage > switch to off.
Sign out from Facetime
Open the Settings app > FaceTime > switch to off.

7. Call your carrier and ask them to remove iPhone from your account.

These are the important things to do before selling your iPhone to anyone to keep yourself safe from any problem.

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