How Your Phone Can be Hacked: Prevent Phone Hacking

Cell phone hacking can be done easily without your knowledge. Everything is hackable from your phone including contacts, emails, messages, each and every sensible information. Leaking of photos from iCloud is the perfect example of hacking. No-one knows that how many cell phone hacking has been done. Data says that U.S has the lowest malware infection rate in the world.

Criminals have a device so they can easily hack your phone through your number only, they can read your text, steal your photos, get your banking passwords and more.

Things to do to protect your smartphone from being hacked

1. Public Wi-Fi

Usually, we find public wi-fi on airport, railway station and cafes. We become greedy for free data usage and this thing can breach your phone security. We think that these public wifi’s are secured because they are asking for a password. This is one of the most common methods of cell phone hacking. When you start using your phone through the public wifi, the hacker gets all the access to your mobile phone for data theft. He can easily access your phone and do whatever he wants. They can (remove the text highlighted in blue) access your email, password, photos, contacts, and messages.

public wifi

Tips to save your phone from hacking via WiFi:

  • Keep your WiFi-turned off so your phone doesn’t get connected automatically to the public WiFi. Turn on whenever needed.
  • iPhone shows warning saying that the server identity cannot be verified and asking if you still want to connect. Read each and every permission, terms and conditions before you continue it.
  • Avoid suspicious links: If you find something very good then try to avoid it. Don’t think about downloading from the public wifi because it is free. Hover on the hyperlink to see what’s behind the link.
  • Maybe you are doing payment somewhere or doing some business stuff by using public wifi then all your card details are shared with the hacker which can give you a big trouble.
  • Don’t follow “HTTP” site while surfing from public wifi. These sites are not encrypted and safe.
  • Keep security software in your phone to prevent yourself from hacking.

2. Operating System

An outdated operating system is another way for hackers to enter in your smartphone. We get OS update time to time but most of the people avoid it.These updates are released to protect system from any malware attack. Hackers are so fast, when any new update release in the operating system, they get aware of this.

Tips to save your phone from hacking via operating system :

  • The latest operating system of apple is 11. Make sure your phone is working with the latest iOS.
  • Android 8.0 oreo is the latest operating system. Maybe your phone is old so you are not getting operating system updates. Check-in setting that your phone is working on latest OS and there is no pending update.

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3. Malicious Apps

Applications downloaded from the third party sources or from suspicious links can lead hacking your smartphone. Hackers can steal data from inside your apps. Maybe they can steal your card information if you have saved your credit/debit card details somewhere.


Tips to save your phone from hacking via apps:

  • Carefully install any app. Read the permissions & warnings before installing any app from any third party resources or avoid to install an app from third-party sources.
  • Make sure that no-one else is using your phone for any kind of calls and messages.

Hope these above tips will help you from cell phone hacking and you can use your phone without any worry.
“Keep your phone safe”

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