Sell your used iPhone instantly


Are you bored with using the same iPhone? iPhone 8 is already launched and you might be thinking to sell off your old iPhone and become the owner of the new one? Selling an iPhone is usually takes very long and takes a lot of effort for finding a user which best resale price. So what you should do before you get set to sell your iPhone.

Qualifying your iPhone for sale
Before you sell iPhone, you need to make sure that you clean every single detail in your phone to prevent your buyer from accessing your private and sensitive information, which may lead to theft or fraud. Wondering how to reset your iPhone? The easiest way to clean your iPhone is Factory Reset, which helps to wipe out every smallest data of your iPhone. Go to Settings > General > Reset and then select Erase All content and Settings and you are ready for the first step to selling iPhone.

Selecting your online platform for selling iPhone

Are you confused with choice of your online market place? Every online market offers a different price for your iPhone. OLX, eBay, QUICKR, SWAPPA are the different online market that will help you sell your iPhone, but might take months or days as they are open markets. But if you want to sell your phone instantly then, online re-commerce markets like Instacash help you sell your phone to the safe hands in the fraction of seconds.

Why Instacash is the best to sell your iPhone?

Instacash is the most user-friendly online re-commerce platform for you. It helps you to sell your mobile phone with home pickup services. It has easy steps to verify the exact amount of your iPhone by analyzing all its features with simple activities by auto diagnosis.

Verified payment for your iPhone

The entire payment that the buyers make for your iPhone is through e-cash i.e. Paytm or directly transfer it to your bank account.

Home Pickup Service

InstaCash offers home pickup service which helps you save time and adds convenience while selling your iPhone

Sell iPhone at the right time
The best time to sell iPhone is 3-4 months before the release of the upgraded model. There is a possibility that the value of your iPhone might drop if you sell iPhone closer to the release date hence facing a disadvantage in the market value.

Sell off your old iPhone,  sell it for the best market value by using Instacash, and get the latest model at its peak.
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