Cell Phone Virus: What Can a Virus do to Your Phone

Cell phone virus was first found in 2004. This malware only infected some of the Bluetooth enabled devices and carried out no damage. If we talk about 2017, Kaspersky lab found 5,730,916 malicious installation packages, 94,368 mobile banking Trojans and 544,107 mobile ransomware Trojans.

Currently, Rooting malware is the biggest threat to Android users. These trojans are difficult to detect, it shows users multiple adds and installs the app without the user concern. It was distributed via google play store also. The first half of 2017 was full of trojans, and from June, statistics returned to normal from cybertheft.

Cell phone virus is similar to the computer virus which is spread through internet download, app advertisement, MMS, Bluetooth transfer; the most trendy method is the phone-to-phone virus is on the rise.

How Cell Phone Virus is Spreaded?

Smartphone with mobile data connectivity and Bluetooth can receive a cell phone virus. Let’s discuss the three major reason of mobile phone virus.

1. Internet Downloads

The mobile phone hacking occurs, when user download an infected file from the internet, install any app or open any suspicious link. Maybe you got notification of warning and asked you to click on this link, this is the way of malware attack.

Cell phone virus from internet downloads

2. Via Bluetooth

The phone receives a virus when your Bluetooth is discoverable. Means, your phone is visible to other Bluetooth enabled phones.

3. Multi Messaging Service

This virus is attached to the email attachment and spread in your phone. It automatically gets spreaded to the phone’s contact list.

What happens to your phone when it is infected by cell phone virus?

When cell phone virus enters in your phone, you see unusual activity in your phone. Maybe you all contact gets deleted, it might delete your applications or lock the applications.

List of harms done by the mobile phone virus.

1. All the phone functions disable except sending or receiving files.
2. Send MMS messages to all your contact list.
3. Crashes system ROM, disable all the phone functions.
4. Locks all your phone in start mode; disable phone entirely.

The Android Trojan, Dubbed Loapi can perform can exploit a handset to the extent within two days of infection, it can bulge out the phone’s battery out of its cover.

Ransomware, another cell phone virus which encrypts all the data of your phone. You need to pay to hackers for decryption key else it was hard to find the solution.

When any malware is running in the background, it slows down your phone’s speed because it leaves only a few resources for your rest of the apps.

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