Third-Party Apps are Scanning Your Gmail – Stop Them

You must be thinking that the most secured thing is your inbox because it contains password. According to the latest news, third-party apps are scanning your gmail and fetching your personal information? Have you ever thought that why did you get the ads in your gmail based upon your interest? Because the WJS report says that Google allows hundred of software and apps to scan your Gmail inbox which helps them to target advertising based on their personalization. This issue pertains with the apps you’ve given Gmail access to.

secret tip to safeguard gmail

In this digital world, your personal information is no more safe. To avoid access of third-party apps scanning your Gmail, Google recommended to visit their “Security Checkup Page” to review the permissions you’ve given to non-google apps.

How to Stop Third-Party Apps from Scanning Your Gmail

Visit the Google security page:

This page shows you the recent devices where you’ve been logged in, any security events, or any other non-google third party is accessing your personal information. You can remove the access from the third party app if you want to.

For G suite users, admin can control the third-party app for accessing their user’s information through whitelisting.

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How google review process works for third-party apps?

Before accessing your Gmail inbox, these third-party apps go for the review process to make sure that they will not access any other information rather than what they claim for. Furthermore, In order to pass the review process, the non-google app should pass this key requirement.

App should be clear how they are using your data and guarantee the privacy of the information they are using. The privacy policy must be prominent and clear.

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