OnePlus 6T: 6 Surprises ahead of the Launch

OnePlus fans are quite excited about the launch of new OnePlus 6T as CEO Pete Lau revealed few surprises. These revealings now finally put a full stop to the rumors spreading around.  Here is the list of smartphone features and surprises that OnePlus revealed ahead of the launch.


OnePlus has confirmed October 30 as the launch date for India Launch event and terms it as “Unlock the Speed”. It will be surprising to see what OnePlus has more to offer to Indian fans.

1. OnePlus 6T Drops Headphone Jack

The brands are now following the trend of dropping headphone jack in their new version of the flagship phones. OnePlus believes that headphone jack is not a need anymore as their users tend to use wireless headphones to listen to music. Technically, the brand plans to utilize this space for an in-display fingerprint sensor. In terms of tracing back to the history, Apple was the first brand to drop off the headphone jack.

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2. Screen Unlock is the New Revolution

The In-display fingerprint sensors are a new trend in the smartphone industry. It is embedded on the display rather than placing it physically on the back or front of the device. Initially, OnePlus was quite skeptical in terms of implementing this feature on their devices but it has now finally taken a call.  The company dubs this technology as “Screen Unlock” and claims the technology to be fully secured through Snapdragon Trustzone.

3. Waterdrop Notch Offers Enhanced Display Experience

The iPhone X was the first device to introduce waterdrop notch in their displays. It can be seen that OnePlus is also going with the trend to give enhanced display experience to their users. The notch usually gives more space to the display while opposing the conventional setup. This looks quite alluring and adds to style statement of smartphone users. It’s now becoming a favorite trend among the smartphone consumers.

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4. OnePlus Drops Wireless Charging

The OnePlus believes that the wireless charging is not at all an efficient technology to be used for the flagship devices.  It holds the view that the technology is still in its development phase and not feasible. The OnePlus promised that the company will be utilizing this technology in the future. The OnePlus 6T will come with Dash Charger to deliver fast charging experience.

5. OnePlus 6T is water resistant

OnePlus 6T is water resistant, it can survive rain splashes and can even work if you accidentally drop it on the water sink.  It is quite surprising that OnePlus doesn’t come with an official IP rating. The brand believes that it’s not worth for OnePlus to add an extra price tag.

6. Price Competitiveness

There are lots of brands launching smartphones with competing features. OnePlus holds the reputation of affordable flagship brand that is competing tough with Apple & Samsung.  The brand has assured its consumers and fans that new flagship will be priced quite lower than that of its competitors. This move could give an edge to the OnePlus as a competing brand.

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