ALERT: Beware of These Phone Calls Scams

Have you ever received a missed call from a weird number or someone is calling you to upgrade your Paytm? Phone calls scams have become the major issue nowadays. The sad part is most victims are people who are new to the internet and smartphone, like elderly people or people are less aware of these things.

Beware of These Phone Calls Scams

There is a saying that “In the world of WhatsApp if someone is calling you, it is mostly because the caller needs more than you do”.

Common Phone Calls Scams in India You Should Aware Of

1. One Ring Scam

Suddenly at midnight, you receive a call from the number starting at +216 and gets disconnected in a few secs. You return call, your call is picked up but there is no response from the other side. You hung up and Rs 100 has been deducted from your prepaid balance, such a nightmare it is. This is being called “One Ring Scam”.

  • The scammers have automatic dialers, they call to unknown numbers.
  • When someone calls back them, they are redirected to the expensive international hotline.
  • Callers are kept engaged with music and other sounds.
  • Not only money is deducted from balance , but there is also a risk of losing data through this phone calls scams.
  • It has advised to customers not to pick up unknown calls.

missed-call_scam: phone calls scams

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2.  Paytm upgrade or BHIM UPI app upgrade

After demonetization took place, the digital platform like Paytm and Bhim app gave scammers another opportunity. The calls made to the elderly people to assist them to upgrade their Paytm account or assistance in money transfer.

People claim that they are from paytm and will help you to upgrade transfer limit up to Rs 50,000. Scammers ask you to submit your proof so they can update your KYC.

Their aim is to collect your confidential bank information.

3. Claim to call from Airtel/Vodafone

Have you ever received a call where a person claims that he is from Airtel and you have won 5 lakh price? My uncle got this call and person asked him to deposit 15,000 in his account, so he deposited. At evening, he called back and the caller asked to deposit 10,000 more but this time they understood that they have been trapped.

This is just a single case, various people are being scammed in the name of money. No-one is going to give you 50 lakhs on phone. If you ever receive any offer call, it is always advised to confirm from the authorized site before taking any action.

4. Asking money for providing job

In today’s era, people are doing anything for getting a job. This is why they get trapped easily. If someone is claiming that deposit 15,000 in the amount and your offer letter will be emailed to you then my friend, you are only buying disappointment. No consultancy asks you to give money before getting a job. According to the consultancy policy, you need to pay some commission from your salary if you get the job.

It is recommended to check with the company if you are being selected before taking any action to protect yourself from phone calls scams. 

asking money for job

5. Your Credit/Debit Card will expire soon

In this era of mobile payment, People are getting calls or message that their credit card or debit card will expire soon. People are asked to share their card details, PIN number to upgrade the card. On this scam, the bank says that they never ask the financial information over call or message. Fortunately, most of the people don’t bother to take this type of calls but still, there are people who get trapped.

Immediately inform to your bank if this thing happens to you.

How to deal with phone calls scams?

  • Avoid calls where callers are asking you to share our bank account details because no bank personally calls you and ask financial information.
  • Don’t go for any unauthorized consultancy for getting a job.
  • Always check the official website of the service provider before opting any upgrade.
  • Avoid picking up the calls from the weird number and install truecaller in your phone for more safety.

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