8 Best iOS 12 features for iPhone & iPad

Apple is always keen to offer excitement to their consumers and push itself ahead of the competition through various quirky features that give an edge to the Apple iPhone devices. The Apple’s new update- iOS 12 brings in lots of essential features which makes it stand out of the rest. Amidst the various problems outraging in terms of issues and bugs, iOS 12 still stays at the top. It is believed to be a revolutionary update as it is quite different from its predecessor’s league.

Best iOS 12 featuresRecently, Android has launched android pie 9.0 version for pixel devices which inspired apple to add some competing features to deliver out of the box experience to the apple users. Some of the features of iOS 12 include- screen time notification, improved performance for older devices and interactive emojis etc. While a few other features would be available through the release of iOS 12.1.

Here are the Best iOS 12 features

Apple’s love for the Emojis

Emojis are the perfect way to share your emotions over social messaging apps and Apple understands it quite better. The apple will be bringing in over 70 new emojis to make conversations even more interesting. It also allows users to create customized emojis called “Memojis” which is currently only available for the iPhone X users.

Siri Shortcuts to execute your tasks faster

Siri shortcut is the most amazing feature that comes with iOS 12. It lets you execute the tasks just from the voice commands that offers you instant replies. In order to take advantage of this feature, the user’s need to first create the custom workflows through shortcuts app. This is quite a time-saving feature that lets you utilize the power of your phone hands-free.

Optimized Performance for Older Apple iPhones

The iOS 12 will cover most of the versions of Apple iPhone devices ranging from iPhone 5 to iPhone XS. Apple also claims that the iOS 12 will optimize the performance for older versions of supported iPhones and iPads as well. This could be a great move to give new life to old apple devices and will be a definite move to retain the good market value.

Simplified Grouped Notifications

The grouped notifications could be a useful feature that will help you to sort notifications on lock screen easily. This could really enhance the way to improve the readability of the delivered notifications. This feature is already available in android devices and comes quite later in Apple devices to give more power to users to control notifications.

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Do Not Disturb to let you sleep peacefully

The bedtime feature is added in do not disturb mode to let you sleep peacefully. This feature allows notifications and messages to deliver silently without waking up the phone screen. If you enable the bedtime mode, the phone screen gets dimmed and notifications are sent directly to notifications history.

Supports Multiple Face IDs for Phone Lock

The iOS 12 allows users to have multiple Face ID integration to allow phone lock. Previously, this feature was only limited to the single face id which created a trouble in case you want someone else to have access to your phone. This could be a great feature for couples to have access to each others phone through Face ID.

The improved version of Photos App

The photos app in iOS 12 is quite smart as it supports improved search capabilities to let you search your favorite photos and moments easily. This will allow you to search the photos based on the events, places, people and dates. It also prompts suggestion to share your photos with a curated list of people who might be in your pictures.

Screen time lets you control your phone excessive usage

The screen time feature is quite helpful in getting away from the smartphone addiction as it helps you to limit your phone usage. Screen time features analyses your phone usage behaviors and offers data and statistics on how you are using your smartphone. This also helps in limiting app features based on the statistics. One surprising feature it offers is that it lets you control and access the screen time of your friends and family members.

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