9 Hilarious Mobile Phone Memes that You Will Make you Cry

There is no doubt that social media world is full of brilliant memes which play an important role to bring a smile on people’s face. We have also brought you some hilarious memes of mobile phone. I bet that you won’t able to stop yourself from laughing.

Funny Mobile Phone memes about the phone

1. When 1 Camera is Not Enough
While dual camera are becoming commoditized, Companies are launching smartphones with triple camera & quad-core camera. We are expecting more from these companies.


2. How to charge your phone?

Do you also want to charge your phone without the charger in only 10 seconds. Try this magic.


3. Everyone Did this


4.  Expectation Vs Reality

Bought a new phone? Yeah it’s time to shoot amazing photos.


5. Yeah, the New iPhone XS is here


6.  Please Stop calling

I also wish that this thing should happen with.


7.  Our New Phone Booth

Which one is your favorite?


8.  Difference between Cat & Dog

Dogs are very expressive this time.

Dog vs cat Meme

9. Let’s explore the world


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