6 Best Android Fitness Tracker Apps to Stay Healthy & Fit

The fitness is a very crucial part of our lives and we should always try to keep ourselves fit. There are a lot of contemporary lifestyle challenges that barely leaves any scope for us to give attention to fitness goals. We tend to spend more time with our smartphones rather than really going out and performing fitness exercises. In order to solve this challenge, The android fitness tracker apps could really come as a savior to help you stay fit and healthy.

Android Fitness Tracker Apps to Stay Healthy & Fit

In this era of technology and gadgets, the mobile gives you instant access to workouts and exercises. The android devices come with a lot of essential features capable of tracking your fitness activities to offer you the best results. The trackers like- heartbeat sensors, GPS and pedometers are capable of tracking fitness activities. Here is the list of various apps that can help you to achieve your fitness goals with ease.

Best Android Fitness Tracker Apps

1. Runtastic- Fitness & Running App

Runtastic is really a helpful app that tracks your running activities and offers you comprehensive fitness results. You can get every minute technical details which include- kilometers covered, speed and pace etc. These could be quite useful for you to design specific fitness goals. It also keeps an active track of calories burnt to help you track your efforts.

Runtastic also comes with a dedicated news feed to keep you updated with the fitness trends. If you are looking for top-rated health and fitness apps on google play store then Runtastic could be your best pick.

runtastic fitness app

2. Calorie Counter- MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is one of the ideal fitness diet apps that offers best insights on diets and specific meal plans. The app also offers you a custom diet plan in order to help you stay fit. You just need to answer a few simple questions to get access to a tailor-made diet plan that will help you achieve fitness goals.

MyFitnessPal basically works on the goal completion mechanism that inspires users to achieve fitness goals based on the diet charts and meal plans. It could be quite useful for the users looking for weight loss and weight gain training to control their diet and get beneficial outcomes.



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3. Daily Yoga – Yoga App for Beginners to Advanced

Yoga is a proven way to get yourself out of stress and maintain a healthy lifestyle. One such app, Daily Yoga is quite a useful app in the category of health and fitness apps to help you learn and practice yoga at your own place. The guided lessons in this app are quite explanatory to achieve health benefits in a better way. This app also features dedicated coach and support feature to help you get answers for your fitness queries. This app is available for free to download from google play store.

4. Google Fit- Health & Activity Tracking

Google Fit is purely an android fitness tracker app to track your fitness activities as you go. It can be synced with wearable devices to track heartbeats, walks, runs and bicycle rides to offer you a more detailed analysis of the fitness activities. Google Fit also gives you personalized coaching based on your fitness activities to assist you better in terms of achieving your fitness goals. This app is available for free on google play store.

GoogleFit fitness app

5. 7 Minute Workout App

The 7 Minute Workout is a perfect app that gives you access to best workout training. It is a handy app that helps you to perform exercises and workouts through the comfort of your home or office. This app features a number of exercises suitable for both men and women. The most unique feature about this app is voice command feature that lets you perform workouts at your own pace. This app could be the best choice to start as a beginner.

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6. Sworkit- Fitness & Workout Plans

Sworkit is a good alternative to the gym as it features a number of workouts that could be quite helpful for you to perform workouts and exercises through training videos. This android fitness tracker app lets you schedule your fitness plans in order to track the realistic fitness objectives. Additionally, you can also download videos to access training videos without even the need of an internet. This app is free to download from google play store.

Sworkit fitness app

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