CES 2019: These Amazing Smartphone Trends will Buzz in 2019

2019 is expected to be the big-bang in the world of smartphone technology. It will bring emerging tech like 5G technology, Foldable screen Displays and AI cameras to the smartphones. Here is the sneak peek into the upcoming smartphone technology trends in 2019.

Since last few years, it can be seen that the smartphone technology is progressing quite fast. The 2018 was an amazing year of developments in the world of smartphones. The disappearing of earphone jacks and full notch displays were a great buzz among the smartphone enthusiasts. These trends are lifting-up expectations of the next gen users who just don’t want to keep smartphones limited to being smarter. It is now the era of artificial intelligence and 5G internet to power the next generation of innovative devices. In 2019, We can see some significant technologies being displayed in CES 2019 (Consumer Electronic Show) at Las Vegas.

In order to boost-up the excitement for 2019, we could see lot many innovative trends coming up in the smartphone market. The trends like- AI cameras, 5G technology and foldable screen phones will gonna be the big buzz of the year.

Smartphone Technology Trends in 2019

Experiments with the Smartphone Displays & Foldable Screen Phones

In 2019, the long-hyped foldable screen phone could also become a reality soon. In terms of talking about the buzz around CES 2019, The Samsung has already showcased the foldable smartphone while it’s quite surprising to see that a commercial company Royole came as a early bird to launch its first foldable smartphone- FlexPai at this worldwide platform.

The leading smartphone brands like Samsung and Apple has really gone an extra mile to experiment with the displays. The industry has shifted the trend of smartphone displays to bezel free displays and “Notches” to deliver better display experience to users.


AI Cameras will bring Revolution to Smartphone Photography

The AI will be the major driving force behind Google’s camera revolution. It will bring TOF (Time of Flight) depth sensors to the smartphones to give tough competition to Apple’s True Depth camera. Interestingly, the AI cameras are capable of supporting large number of AR and VR technologies for mobile devices. Moreover, it also aims to bring better features and functionalities resulting in better camera quality. Google has also launched an AR based app called Google Lens to give users a perspective of AR in the real life.

Booming Trend of Multiple Camera Lenses on Smartphones

The 2018 was a year of tough competition between the brands to embed a number of camera lenses in the smartphones. Industry experts suggests that more cameras mean better quality of pictures. It will bring-in better features and advanced functionalities to shoot high quality pictures and videos. As a result, It will also give more scope to the manufacturers to bring in trendy features to cameras like- High Quality Photography modes, depth-control, 4K resolution etc. to the smartphone cameras. This trend will soon become a standard in the smartphone industry.

Samsung Quad Camera Phone

The Smartphone industry in 2018 took a hilarious jab on Increasing number of Camera lenses in smartphones. Check out some of the perfect memes here!!

Wireless 5G Technology to Bring Super-fast Internet

The 5G technology will result in a rapid transformation of Internet-Era which will offer high speed internet to the users. As a result, This trend will also inspire brands to push efforts to launch 5G enabled devices in the market. The Oneplus, Motorola and Samsung has geared up to launch 5G devices in US market soon. The Samsung has also showcased its new Foldable Phone prototype.

Since the world is still getting ready for the 5G technologies, it has been already been deployed in emerging countries like US and Japan. Therefore, we could expect some great announcements of 5G Technology from Mobile World Congress in February 2019. For now, India has to wait a bit for the release of 5G technology.

5G Technology brings Superfast Internet

The in-display fingerprint will eliminate earphone jack

The smartphone manufacturers have already eliminated the need of earphone jack by housing the in-display fingerprint sensor. The trend of eliminating jack started in 2018 and expected to be continued this year as well. It would be surprising to see how brands react to this change in smartphone industry.

In-display fingerprint sensor in Smartphones

These technology trends will mostly dominate the industry in the year 2019. This could be the best time to sell your phone and upgrade to a new one.