How Much Electricity Does Your Phone Use – Secret Revealed

Do you lose your mind when you found that your phone’s battery is about to die? Your rush to find out the charger and plug in to your phone and wait until it gets on. On an average it takes 2 hours to completely charge the phone. Many of the people forget after plug in the charger, or people charge the phone overnight also.

Stop Increasing my electricity Bill

Have you ever panicked about that your charging habits are increasing your electricity bill. Do you know the cost to charge your phone? If I say that you are only paying 30 Rs per year for charging your phone. Shocking for you? Let’s see the reality.

Electricity You are Consuming & Cost to Charge Your Phone

Let’s take an example of iPhone X . An apple adapter takes 5W while charging So if you are charging your phone for 1 hour then it will take 0.005KWh of electricity. To charge the phone completely, it will take roughly 3 hours and 0.015 KWH of electricity. So it consumes average 5 units of electricity annually. If you take an average cost of electricity as Rs 6 per unit, it only costs 30 Rs for charging your phone annually so cost to charge your phone is very less i guess.

iPhone X electricity bill for charging

Note: The cost per unit of electricity varies with state, the source of energy and other factors.

Likewise Samsung Galaxy S9 non-removable Li-Ion 3000 mAh battery will charge completely in around 2.30 hour. It will consume 0.0115 KWh of electricity in a whole day. This means 4 unit of electricity annually and it will cost you 24 Rs for changing your Samsung Galaxy S9 for whole year.  If I talk about laptop then it costs you 120 Rs annually for charging.

samsung s9 electricity bill cost

You can run all your electronic gadgets under Rs 200 annually. As per Government of India’s Bureau of Energy Efficiency, refrigerator consumer 501 units of electricity annually. The cost is almost 100 times than your pocket gadgets.

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Do you unplug the device once it is fully charged? Or you charge your phone overnight?

A fact to Know: Even your phone is fully charged, it still takes 2-4W of electricity to maintain its charged state. You can save up your electricity by unplugging the charging.

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