Phone Overheating? Here’s the Causes & Solution to Cool Down Your Phone

Heating can happen to any electronic device and this is avoidable and safe. But phone overheating can be a serious issue, damage the phone and affect the performance of the phone. In this blog, we have covered causes of heat and how it can be avoided?


Where is the heat coming from?

Battery, processor, and screen are the main components which can generate heat. But the question arises what part is causing the problem? We can have a guess about this by following tricks.

A. If Your Phone is Heating up from Back

If your phone is getting heated up from the back then the problem may be with the battery. Latest smartphones use Li-Ion batteries which are usually safe but malfunctions occur sometimes. We all know about Samsung galaxy note 7 battery explosion so hot battery could be a sign that it needs to be replaced.

B. If Your Phone is Heating up from Bottom

If your phone gets heated up while charging the phone from the bottom so the problem might be with charger. It is generally recommended to use the charger only from phone’s manufacturer. But debut is still on that third party chargers are still fine if they are from the authorized manufacturer.

C. If Your Phone is heating up from the screen, above the speaker, or battery

If you notice heat from anywhere else except back or bottom then this may be a problem with your phone internally.

Let’s discuss the cause of phone overheating & ways to cool down your phone

A. Gaming for a long time

Currently, PubG is the arguably one of the top reason to buy a smartphone which is a high intense game. High intense gaming apps use your phone’s central process for graphics processing. This may lead to heat up your phone. It is recommended to remove all the background apps while playing the game. It will reduce the chance of heating up your phone.

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B. Environmental Factors

Leaving your phone outside in the sun or in the car on a hot day cause it to overheat. Due to this your phone battery may drain faster and touch can also be impacted. It is recommended to avoid direct sunlight from your phone to keep your phone on the safe side.

C. Phone settings are not optimal

Your phone can also generate heat if your phone’s settings are not optimal. Screen brightness, widgets or animated wallpaper, these can be the reason to general electricity from your phone. Turning off unnecessary things, reduce the brightness of the phone can lighten the load of your CPU’s phone. Enable battery save mode in your phone, turn off unnecessary Wi-FI, Gps, Bluetooth to optimal the phone’s settings.

4. App & Software Updates

The phone may overheat if there is a bug in an app. Due to the bug, the app may overuse your device’s processor and this can generate heat from the phone. On another scenario, the phone can also be heated up after updating the system due to the bug in the update. Still, it is recommended to always keep your phone and app up-to-date because if any bug is found in the update, the company always take care of this and release a new update very soon to fix the previous bug.

5. Your phone has a virus

Today’s smartphone are more advanced so there is less chance of virus but still, Android phones are susceptible to the virus. To eliminate the option entirely, install antivirus app in your phone

How to prevent your phone from overheating?

Prevention is always better than cure. Try these basic things to prevent phone from overheating.

    • Charge your phone correctly using an authorized charger.


    • Avoid direct sunlight from your phone.


    • Always keep your apps up-to-date.


  • Use an Antivirus for your phone.

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