On-Demand Video Streaming Apps: Changing Landscape of Entertainment.

The trend of Netflix and video streaming apps are re-inventing new ways of delivering content to mobile phone users.

The changing landscape of entertainment is fostering the transition from conventional methods to digital ways. It can be seen that the online video streaming services are now taking place of TV and Radio. This is quite apt as people also usually prefer to get access to entertainment which is just a tap away.

On-Demand Video Streaming Apps

In terms of popularity, these video streaming apps are quite prevalent among millennials these days. Through these apps, they can get access to hundreds of shows without any limits. The popularity of Netflix and other video streaming services are also giving hype to the trend of binge-watching.

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Binge-Watching: Completing Episodes

The internet is majorly consumed by the large audience of youth.  The researchers have found out that the video streaming services occupies almost 57-60% of consumption over the internet. This can also be drawn from the peer-driven influence that inspires youth to finish off the episodes faster than that of their friends. This is the major trend which is influencing on-demand video streaming apps to grow day by day.

On-Demand Video Streaming Apps

There are lots of on-demand video streaming apps that are now coming in the pool of internet-powered entertainment landscape. Each of the platforms is trying their best to deliver unique content to its focused set of users. Here is the list of various On-Demand Video Streaming Apps that are quite popular in India.

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It is quite a popular video streaming app for Indian users. It was the first streaming service which was launched in India to woo the digital entertainment. This app features a huge collection of episodes from leading Indian entertainment channels. This app gives access to Live TV and Sports in HD version if you are a paid subscriber. 

Hoststar App


Netflix is the best video streaming app that has all powers of entertainment. This app offers you a wide range of series and movies that you can access on the go. It not only features the localized content based upon your location and interest but also allows you to access the famous episodes and movies which are popular worldwide. The Netflix requires you to have a premium subscription in order to access unlimited entertainment.

Netflix App

Amazon Prime

The Amazon Prime Video is a popular video streaming app launched by Amazon. This app is quite different from other video streaming apps such as Netflix as it is comparatively very affordable. It offers a wide range of programs and videos which can be accessed by users after buying a premium subscription. The shows in this platform are mix-match of all languages and culture to deliver the best to the users. Not only this, but it also allows users to download and stream videos on UHD and 4K resolution.

amazon prime

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Eros Now – Videos & Movies

The Eros Now could be a great video and movie streaming app for you if you are a movie lover. It features a variety of movies across various Indian languages also covering Hollywood movies. This app brings new movies and updates to their users on a regular basis. It is a good thing to keep the users excited about the latest movies and shows. The paid subscription comes quite low as Rs. 49 per month for unlimited access to movies.