7 Biggest Myths and Facts about Mobile Phones

Mobile phone is the necessity of every person now-a-days and we carry them everywhere with us. We often heard about cellphone’s do’s and don’ts and we start believing it. Have you ever tried to find out the fact behind the smartphone myth. No, right? To solve this problem, we have explored the facts about mobile phones behind the cell phone myths.

Myth 1 : Cell phone causes cancer

Fact: No, Most researches have been done and found that there is no connection between cell phone use and cancer. Cell phones emit radio frequency energy and RF waves don’t have enough energy to damage DNA directly. Some scientist have reported that RF waves affects the human cells that might help tumor to grow, but there is no evidence of tumor promotion. A study by the US National Toxicology Program has experimented RF wave on rats and draft report found an increased risk of tumors, but it’s hard to believe that this result might apply to human. Yes, A study reveals that cell phones have effects on brain, but they are harmful or not, it’s not clear.


Myth 2 : Don’t take a call when your phone is charging because it can explode

Fact: This is another cell phone myth and the facts is, you can use your cell phone as long as you want if you are not using a local charger. That happened to a Chinese flight attendant named Ma Ailun and report says that because she was using a third-party local charger. There have been a few other cases of exploding the mobile phones, but the battery is exploded, not the entire phone. This happens when we use low-quality chargers, try to charge phone from 440 volts. But the fact is that If we are charging the phone in the way they are supposed to be used, there is no problem in this scenario. Use your cell phone overnight while charging. 🙂

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Myth 3 : Mobile phone emits radiation so don’t keep them in your sensitive area like shirt pocket

Facts: A good branded phone pass from SAR (Specific Absorption Rating) test which ensures that the phone will not emit enough radiation for concern. SAR is measured in watts per kilogram. In the U.S. the legal limit is 1.60. If you’re concerned about radiation, then you should go for HTC One M9 which has a body SAR of 0.35 W/kg. You should concern about children when talking about radiation, because a child’s observer two times more radiation
than adult. Keep aware yourself of smartphone facts.

Myth 4 : Do not charge device overnight, It will shorten your battery life and even damage your phone

Facts: It’s safe to leave your phone plugged in charging overnight. Smartphones are smart phone that they do not let an overload happen. Once the internal Lithium-ion battery hits 100 percent, charging automatically stops. When you leave the phone overnight for charging, it constantly trickles the charging which reduces the phone’s life. It is recommended to use the certified cable for phone charging.


Myth 5 : You should only use the charger that came with your phone

Fact: This smartphone myth only puts money in the phone’s manufacturer. Ensure that the replacement charger output voltage and current rating matches the original charger and it
is approved by manufacturer. The charger approved by the manufacturer is safe to use.

Myth 6 : Mobile phone use at petrol pump can cause explosion

Fact: People claim that they are injured in explosion at petrol pumps. The studies reveal that a properly working cell phone never causes a danger of igniting petrol. All scientific testing result say that there is no relation between mobile phone and petrol pump. Mobile phones have a low voltage battery which is not capable to ignite a spark.

mobile phone cause fire

Myth 7 : Apps running in the background can save battery and avoid hanging or slowdown problem

Fact: Apple and Android allows you to run applications in the background. Both operating systems have their own capacity and they know how much they can do. The battery draining is negligible, we can consider slowing down the phone a little bit. Both operating systems automatically kill the background task when there is memory needed.

These are the smartphone myth and facts about mobile phone. Are there any Myth you would like to add? Comment the myth below and share your views over it.