Recycling of smartphone saves the environment

What is recycling?

Recycling is a process in which waste material is turned up into usable and improved products. A lot of times we see scraps in our houses, localities and other places around us. What do we actually do with this scrap? We give this to a scrap collector who takes it at a reasonable price and sell it again after turning it into something more usable.

Why recycling cell phones is important?

  • As the population is growing, we are getting out of the resources and pollution is also increasing day after day. Recycling can help us solve these problems and save us for coming disasters.
  • Recycling cell phone also becomes necessary as cell phone are made of lead, which is a toxic chemical that can result in adverse effects not only on our environment but also on our health.
  • The circuit board of phones can be made of copper, gold, zinc,lead, beryllium,tantalum and other raw materials that would require significant resources to mine and manufacture. As the natural resources are depleting at a fast rate it becomes important to recycle.
  • Recycling can help to reduce the consumption of these resources and save them for future generation. This way we can contribute to attaining sustainable development.
  • Materials used in making a phone can even pollute air, water and soil if not disposed properly. The amount of E-waste is increasing and so we all must recycle cell phones for better environment and better and healthy living in present and in future.

What all can we do to save our environment?

recycle of old phones

We can save our environment by using our smartphones for a longer period and not changing them frequently. This may seem difficult and an outdated idea. Not changing our phones regularly may make us feel like we are living in an ancient era not an upgraded one or in an upgraded one but with an old style. However, this small step can make significant difference. It will help save our environment and of course getting a new phone after waiting gives more pleasure.

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