Mobile Innovations: Get Ready for Something Big

With the increasing demand of smartphones, mobile phone manufacturers are doing their best to come up with the new mobile innovations everyday. What does innovation stands for nowadays? Most of the smartphone innovations is all about improving the existing features and making it more better or faster.

Innovation these days seems like to be about thinner bezels, fingerprint sensor, and face recognition, new camera, and other mobile features gives us amazing picture quality as compared to previous model. Although, these are great cell phone innovations but is this the way we are going to interact with our smartphones?

In these recent days, smartphones are more focused on enterprise and business friendly phone.

Amazing mobile innovations which is going to bring boom in the mobile industry

1. Battery lasts for a week

People mostly complains about the battery life. Energizer doing something great in this. Power Max P16K pro mid range android smartphone with 16,000-mAh battery. Although, the smartphone is twice in thickness and weight of a regular phone but the battery lasts for a week. The phone is announced to be launched in July 2018.

Power Max P16K pro

2. Slimmest phone which can easily be kept in pocket

Light Phone 2, minimalist smartphone sizes same as a stack on 3-4 credit cards. You can use this phone as a second phone which enables user to make call, send messages, and other basic functions. You can not use this phone for clicking pictures, or any other advance feature. This is the phone which can be used for a backup. Don’t you think so it is a great mobile innovations.

Light Phone 2

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3. Phones with built-in projector

Movi phone launched this year by wireless mobile solution. This phone is pretty standard mid range smartphone with extra feature of built-in projector. The phone has built in 200 Lm DLP projector on the left with 50 Lm LBS projector image on right.The phone is whooping up 400 mAh battery which lets run projector for 3-4 hours easily.

Movi phone

4. Phone which works underwater

U.K. based mobile manufacturer bullitt is building a phone which can work extremely good in underwater. It’s partner Cat S61 announced recently a ultra rugged waterproof smartphone. The phone. Mobile innovation with extraordinary feature which can click image and photo of heat, capture video from 4 degrees below zero up to 752 degrees Fahrenheit.

Phone which works underwater

5. Phones can use like a laptop

Planet computers from London launched its gemini smartphone which has physical keyword. This phone word well for business purpose with two week of stand by time. There is no external camera in the phone, the phone has internal camera for video calling.

Phones can use like a laptop

6. Phone to end all the problems

Innovation means changes which can solve our problem. Consumer complaints about charging, lack of required features, bulky so the mobile manufacturers are working on these issues to give amazing experience to the business and enterprise.

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