‘Insufficient Mobile phone Storage’

With the advent of newer technology, the size of operating systems in smartphones is getting larger. Also, there is an increase in the storage space requirement for storing the apps and photos nowadays as we are getting much more useful apps for our smartphones but with larger sizes. Even the Facebook app alone takes up 250 MB. Then the videos, games, images and automatic background backups and processes eat up a lot of space through your phone memory.

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We have limited storage for apps in our smartphones and it frequently shows you insufficient space error and then there is no fix. Sometimes this really causes a trouble when at some specific situation, you are in need of a particular application to be installed on your phone but you suddenly get a message indicating the running out storage space on your phone. For dealing with these kind of troublesome issues, we have devised out some solutions which you can try for optimizing the use of storage space available on your device.

• Uninstall unwanted apps

This is the foremost thing to be done when your phone notifies you for insufficient storage space. There are many apps installed on your phone which are no longer in your use. Such types of unwanted apps keep on eating up the valuable storage area which can be used to store something important. So you should regularly keep on deleting those apps which are no longer of use. This will make space available for your desired applications that you need and you can smoothly continue with your tasks.

• Clear the cache

Cache is the temporary storage area. While browsing through a browser or reading an online newspaper, you come across many images, advertisements and real world contents. So to free up the storage space, you must regularly clear the cache of your smartphone for better performance.

In today’s scenario where smartphones have really become popular, there are many such people who have developed a great liking for clicking pictures. While having a lot of photos and other data files on their smartphones, shortage of space is much possible because there may be many hidden files like thumbnails. The solution for running out storage space is to try out a file manager app. Then change the settings for the show hidden files and folder and here check for the thumbnails file and then clear the cache with the help of some apps like 1Tap Cleaner.

• Delete Offline Content

There are a lot of apps that let you save your content directly and access it later when you are offline. For example, some RSS readers let you save the articles so that you can read it later, Saavn lets you save the music directly to your device and there are some bookmarking services like Pocket. Saving offline content is of great help but only when you have enough space available on your device. And if you don’t have it then you keep on wondering about where is the storage space vanishing? In this case, you must delete the offline content that you have already saved on your device. This can be done either by deleting the app cache content. Also, there are a number of apps available that let you remove the superfluous files from the system.

• Move Content to SD card

You can easily move your apps from your device to the SD card. This would help you free up a large amount of space occupied by the apps on your device. Also moving the apps to your SD card is keeps your data safe and it increases the efficiency of your phone.

Move photos to the Cloud

Clicking lots of pictures is becoming a growing trend and is liked by many of us. But storing a lot of pictures on your phone becomes problematic as you run out of storage space. In this scenario, taking a backup of your pictures from time to time becomes a solution. Google photos will automatically backup all your photos to the cloud. These photos will be accessible and viewable through the app as they were before as long as you have an internet connection. The app will even alert you with on-screen notification to save some storage space when your device is about to cross the memory limits.

The above-mentioned solutions really work well when your phone gives you the notification showing the problem as “insufficient storage available”. These methods dramatically decrease the amount of internal storage space being used on your device and help you free up the memory which could be used to store important data and files.

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