Best VPN Apps for Android to Unblock the Internet

Have you ever missed flight or couldn’t able to book your cab due to non-availability of Internet. Here are the Best VPN Apps that can help you access blocked internet in emergency situations.

The blocked internet might be really frustrating thing in this current trend of Instagram and Netflix generation. The dependency on Internet is also continuously increasing since the introduction of unlimited internet.

Internet is a powerful tool that aims to change our lives but might offer negative sides as well. In terms of saving yourself from the complications of blocked Internet, these great apps might really come to your rescue.

Best VPN Apps for Android to Unblock the Internet

Here are the best VPN Apps that might offer you advantage to access blocked internet in emergency situations if you are really missing out the internet. The VPN is a technology that offers you a virtual network to get connected to internet.


The windscribe is really a helpful app to unblock the restrictions to various sites if it is banned on your location or internet server. This app is available for free and offers 10 GB Per month in case you are using services through free plan. Windscribe is one of the best VPN Apps that offers you a good internet speed without any distracting pop-up ads. It might be quite useful for Netflix lovers as it offers netflix streaming as well.

CyberGhost VPN

The cyberghost VPN is a good app which gives you freedom to access blocked websites on the internet. The best part about this app is that it is a secured app that offers encryption to your passwords and other sensitive information from the IP trackers. It is a free app but additional features comes with subscription prices.

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Speedify- As the name suggests is quite useful tool in terms of accessing blocked internet and websites in blazing fast speed. This app not only offers access to blocked internet but also offers good internet bandwidth to access sites and applications in a good internet speed. You can definitely try this app if you are looking to access blocked sites through a satisfying internet speed.

Turbo VPN

The turbo VPN offers access to blocked firewalls in offices and colleges to let you access your favourite social media sites and applications in no-time. This is a free app that offers you anonymous access to apps and sites to make your internet browsing safe and secured. The app is quite small in size as it only occupies 10 MB of Space.

Hola- Free Blocked Internet Access

This is a completely free app available on Google Play Store which might come handy to you in unblocking the internet access.  Hola  gives you option to download and access apps on blocked internet. This app is quite simple to use and offers great internet speed. 

These apps might be quite helpful for you in order to combat the frustrations of blocked internet connection. It lets you explore the freedom to access your favorite social media site and apps without any limitations.

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