2 things you should do when surrounded with E–Waste

The gradual but enormous variety and number of electronic and electrical gadgets that are being used in our daily lives have made our lives e-lives. Lives as e-lives cannot be thought without dependence on electronic appliances and applications anymore. Moreover the importance cannot be stressed any less of adopting better gadgets, with newer upgrades and features replace even the ones that have not outlived their utility as yet. The developing countries are besotted with increasing e-penetration into areas and segments hitherto not known to have had any penchant for technology. The developed world on the other hand adds newer versions of the gadgets. The rate at which the new technology replacing the not so old tech is indeed astonishing similarly developing countries play out as huge untapped markets for introduction in any form and at any stage technology.

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While we are stuffing our homes and work places with Electronic and Electrical Equipments (EEE) we are faced with a strange conundrum. At the end of their lives or when we buy or are gifted with new gadgets we are surrounded with old, damaged, discarded, old version of our once very useful gadgets, now termed as E — waste or Waste Electronic and Electronic Equipments. What do we do with these left-over? Where do we dispose them off? Is there any agency which takes them in?

Well you need to just take these two steps when confronted with these questions:

  1. Collect: Collect and segregate the E-wastes that you have in your homes and offices in to various categories like old & damaged.
  2. Contact: Get in touch with an authorized e-waste handler which offers to dispose off the e-waste in eco friendly manner and is in accordance with the laws.

Zero Waste is an efficient and authorized e-waste handler which not only takes up the challenge of assimilating in the present system all our e-wastes through refurbishing, re-use and recycle and also collaborates with other authorized e-waste handlers for their dismantling and landfill processes.

Another very important reason for you to contact Zero Waste is that it offers the best price possible for all the e-waste that you hand it over. The company also offers smart exchange options at select electronics outlets in Jaipur.

This way you not only earn on the e-waste but also become a responsible citizen.

Note: This post was originally published in December 2014 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.