“Be a proud e-waste hero” — a “natak” at a “nukkad” near you!!

Maybe you’ve seen them, maybe you will soon.Spreading the word of responsible e-waste recycling are Raju, Pranay and team; the young heroes from the theater troupe. Passionate about our cause and doing their bit for a safe environment, the group is staging “nukkad nataks” (street plays) across Jaipur inviting the audience to join Zerowaste in our mission to make Rajasthan India’s first zero e-waste state.

“Update: ZeroWaste is now InstaCash

ZeroWaste Nukkad Natak @ Crystal Palm

ZeroWaste Nukkad Natak @ GT Bazaar

ZeroWaste Nukkad Natak @ SV Public School, Adarsh Nagar

We’ve realized that the biggest problem in e-waste disposal is the fact that no one really believes that they have any e-waste at home in the first place. Look around your house and the chances are that somewhere in some corner there are lots of discarded electronic items — great when they worked, forgotten when they don’t. Yet no one’s ready to let go. One fine day they’ll just end up on a rubbish heap or be sold off as scrap to someone not qualified to dispose them off properly. That’s where the e-waste problem begins.

Don’t store, don’t help add to e-waste. Be responsible and recycle it through someone qualified. Zerowaste is there to help you. Together we can make a difference.

Visit: www.zerowaste.co.in

And if you get a chance to see the nukkad natak do clap for the young actors who are working hard to make a difference to the world that we live in.

Happy recycling!!

Note: This post was originally published in December 2014 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.