Why One Should Not Stock Phones For Ages: Upgrade Your Phone

How often do you buy a new laptop? A new house? Maybe in decades? Right?
Now the question arises: how often do you buy a smartphone?

New mobile phones are coming out every day in this tech industry. 2017 was full of amazing mobile phones i.e. Samsung Galaxy Note 8,iPhone X, Google Pixel 2. 2018 is also packed up with the future mobile phones i.e. Nokia 9, OnePlus 6, Xiaomi Mi7, Apple iPhone 9.

Most people don’t feel embarrassed to drive Maruti 800, people think that you are kind of caveman. On the same note, people don’t feel embarrassed to keep iPhone 5s in the era of iPhone 7.

A mobile phone can be annoying when it starts hanging, screams out because of an outdated software, battery starts draining fast etc. These all events indicates that it is the right time to upgrade your phone.

5 Reasons why you should upgrade your phone

1. Your battery dies quickly

Maybe you are not noticing but your battery dies very quickly throughout the day. It automatically drains out till the morning even it was fully charged in the night. Make sure you are charging your phone correctly and with the original charger of your mobile phone, otherwise your battery will work only for 1 year or maybe less.

It is the time to get a new mobile phone or replace its battery with the original one.

battery draining

2. Not enough storage

Most of the smartphone now comes with 32GB, 64GB storage spaces. A single app takes a good enough space in a smartphone; operating system and updates of the mobile also takes a significant amount of space in your phone.

16GB space can’t do too much if you are storing images, videos and use other features in your smartphone. Now you should either stop using these features in your phone or upgrade your phone.

not enough storage

3. If Your phone is always hanging, then

Processor is playing an important role in the mobile phone bad performance. Most of the people are not aware of this term. The low-level processor can cause a hanging problem in a smartphone. Samsung Galaxy S6 tend to be the fastest phone in the market but they use their own built processor. Other latest phone such as MotoX are using Snapdragon which is one of the fast processors.

If you are unaware about the processor, then take the advice from others. It is recommended to look for a phone that runs a quad-core processor instead of a dual-core.Yes, there is a big difference in the price between the two but your phone performance will not let you down.

phone hang

4. Apps Won’t work

You are holding your smartphone for a long time but the new amazing apps are not ready to stay in the same room. Apps depend on your mobile operating system, phone storage. When your phone lacks in RAM, OS, storage and outdated system, you won’t able to use the app.

Most people pack up their phone with an unlimited number of apps. There are so many apps which can never be compatible with your older phone but the newer phone doesn’t have this problem.

app won't work

5. Mobile phone’s value depreciate each day

This can be the major point why you should not keep your phone for ages. According to the study, iPhone can be sold out for 53% of their original price, android for 42% of their original price and blackberry for 41% of their original price after 18 months. Apple is the company which provides long-term support to their users and when it comes to other companies like Samsung, Google, they are failed to do so.

Read in details here: Why Mobile Phone Value Depreciates Each Day?

Above mentioned reasons are enough to upgrade your phone but maybe you have another reason to keep your present phone. Maybe this is your favourite phone or you are waiting for some special phone.

Where to sell your old phone at a maximum price?

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Do you keep your smartphone for years or change it frequently? Comment your answer and share experience with us.