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How refurbished phones can save you tons of money post-pandemic? – InstaCash

How refurbished phones can save you tons of money post-pandemic?

Why Buy Refurbished?
Buy Refurbished Phones


The pandemic has left billions of people in the world short on money. In fact, many people can’t even afford to buy new phones. It’s not surprising that some people are looking for ways to get their hands on refurbished phones at a discount price.

But how does this work?

What makes refurbished phones so cheap? And is there any risk involved when buying used smartphones? Why do people buy used phones? What are the risks associated with buying refurbished smartphones? Is it worth it to buy a refurbished phone over a new one? How much money can you save by purchasing a refurbished smartphone instead of buying a new device outright?

Refurbished phones offer the same features as new ones.

Refurbished phones offer the same features as new ones. They have been tested and certified to work, meaning you can be sure they will function properly when you receive them. If there are any problems with your refurbished phone, it gets replaced at no charge! You also get a warranty on all of our refurbished devices that covers parts and labour from six months upto one year from purchase date.

Refurbished phones come with all the same great features as brand new Android / iPhones: fingerprint reader; lightning connector port; 32GB capacity; 8/16GB RAM options (depending on which model); 4G LTE support…and many more!

The demand for refurbished devices is increasing.

The demand for refurbished devices is increasing. It’s not just because of the pandemic, but also because people want to save money and get a good deal on their next phone.

You’ll see two different types of refurbished phones: new or used. A new device will have been purchased from manufacturer (like Apple, Oneplus, Samsung, Xiaomi), then sent back to them for repair under warranty before being refurbished and sold for almost half its original price! This means that even though it looks like it came out of the box brand new, chances are there’s nothing wrong with them at all—they’re just sitting around waiting for someone else who needs one right now!

Refurbished devices can reduce costs by up to 40%.

Refurbished phones are cheaper than their original counterparts of similar specs. This means that you get more bang for your buck when buying a refurbished phone instead of an original one. Refurbished phones have been around for years now, but their popularity has increased dramatically in recent times due to the high cost of new smartphones and tablets. Key factor influencing this is Quality, that has improved over time significantly.

You can benefit from refurbished-phone financing and leasing options.

Now a days, You can even finance your device over a period of time, which allows you to spread out the cost of buying it over more than one payment. This can help reduce your monthly payments and give you more flexibility in how much money you want to spend on a phone. In addition, many lenders now do offer low down payments or no down payments on such devices so that borrowers can get started with their purchase immediately without having any credit issues holding them back.

With 5G, upgrade is inevitable

With the advent of 5G, consumers will be upgrading hardware and software to remain updated and cater to the changing demands. This generates huge supply of reusable devices.

Refurbished mobile phones are available at various online platforms including InstaCash’s own platform and key marketplaces like Amazon Renewed and Flipkart Refurbished. They can be bought in any condition that suits your budget, ranging from brand new ones or even second-hand ones with some scratches on them but still good enough for daily use.


With the prices of new smartphones going up every year, it’s clear that many people will be looking at this option in order to save money on their next device. If you haven’t yet considered getting a refurbished phone, what are you waiting for? The best part is that there are no hidden fees or extra costs involved when purchasing one.

So if you want an affordable smartphone with a high quality screen and powerful battery life then look no further than