Top iOS 14 Features 

Top iOS Features
Top iOS Features

iOS 14 is officially available to the public to download, and no lie it’s a pretty significant upgrade to the os and no doubt packs a ton of features, but it’s difficult to pinpoint some of the best changes as there are so many. So we have put together amazing ios 14 features that will change the way you use your iPhone. Now, most of what we are going to cover isn’t as obvious in the new operating system but definitely features you don’t want to miss out.

One thing which you can do with your upgraded iPhone that you couldn’t do before when it comes to browsing the internet even though you can’t download the browser of your choice, the default has always been safari, but in iOS 14, you can set Chrome as your default browser, and it’s super simple to do: Go to settings scroll down to the chrome app click in, and you’ll see a new option that says default browser app and changes it to Chrome, and it’s as simple as that you’ll notice that all the web suggestions via search now return chrome links.  Continue reading “Top iOS 14 Features “

Where should I sell my old smartphone!

Upgrading your phone regularly can be exorbitantly expensive. Luckily, by taking advantage of the resell value of your existing phone, you can upgrade without much out-of-pocket cost. But it is essential to find a viable place to sell used phone online. We have covered several aspects that you should consider that why to use InstaCash to sell your used phone.

1. Selling Made Easy

The fact is, you won’t find an easier way to get your phone sold. Dealing with the hassle and complicated process of selling your phone to a private buyer can be stressful. By using a service like InstaCash, you will be able to choose your specific phone model and condition and get an estimated value right on the spot and sell it in just 60 seconds. You won’t have to deal with the listing process on various marketplaces, the potential to get scammed out of your money, or anything else. Being able to get real estimated value for your phone can really help you move on to a new device as quickly and effortlessly as possible. Continue reading “Where should I sell my old smartphone!”

Mobile phone and coronavirus?

Mobile phone and coronavirus?
How and when to disinfect your phone?

How to keep your smartphone clean during a pandemic

As we have adopted the “new normal’ world, preventive measures have become important, especially measures like washing hand and  also disinfecting frequently touched surfaces. However, we may be overlooking the cleaning of a surface we touch the most- our mobile phones.

Numerous studies have found that cell phones may be potential carriers of viruses and bacteria. These may potentially include the novel coronavirus, putting you and others around you at risk. CDC recommends cleansing all highly touched surfaces daily, including mobile phones, keyboards and tablets. However, smartphone manufacturers have warned against improper cleaning techniques that may damage your phone. Continue reading “Mobile phone and coronavirus?”