Tech & Smartphone Accessories to Keep You In Festive Mood

The Diwali is around the corner and people might really want to get into the festive mood. The Diwali is celebrated with all pomp and show as people usually put their shopping wish list into action during this festive season.  If you are a tech junkie, you might really want to definitely pick some of the coolest smartphone accessories that are trending in the market. 

Tech & Smartphone accessories for Diwali

Here are some out of the box smartphone accessories and add-ons to give you best tech upgrade this Diwali. These new accessories and add-ons to your smartphone will definitely help you to enjoy the festive mood.

Best Tech & Smartphone Accessories From Rs. 200

Mobile Covers For Your Perfect Festive Mood

The mobile covers are best smartphone accessories to give a refreshing and rejuvenating look to your smartphone. You could add more liveliness to your smartphone by buying customized printed mobile covers. You could either get a new 3D printed covers with coolest quotes or either get it printed with the favorite click of yours. These days, the mobile covers with customized quotes are quite trending and famous. If you have a literature gimmick in you then you should definitely pick the one.

Price Range starts from Rs. 200/-

Smartphone covers for Diwali

USB Warmer Gadget

The USB Warmer Gadget is one of the best smartphone accessories that will be a favorite pick for tea and coffee lovers. This silicone coaster attached could help you to keep your drinks warmer for a longer time. This could be your best pick if you are a workaholic person. This is a very affordable device that is easily available on e-commerce sites.

Price starts from Rs. 200/-

USB Warmer

Get Yourself into serious fitness Goals with Fitness Bands

It’s quite tough to deny the delicious sweets and food on this Diwali season. People usually tend to drop their fitness plans to enjoy Diwali in full swing. You can definitely gift yourself a fitness tracking band this Diwali to get into the serious fitness goals. There are lots of fitness bands available in the markets that easily get paired with your smartphone to give you the best insights of your calories and fitness goals.

Price Range starts from 999/-

fitness bands

Smart Lighting for Your Room

The smart lighting can really light up your room this festive season. You can buy a smart light bulb which is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home to operate on your voice commands. These lights could really change colors, density and can turn on & off through your voice commands. This could also add up as a fancy thing for the Diwali decoration. It is one of the best things which you can choose to buy this Diwali.

Price Range starts from Rs. 1,500/-

Smart Home Lighting

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Wireless Chargers

You might have missed out your charger and might be struggling to charge your device? The wireless chargers could be a nice pick for you to charge your device without taking hassles of wired adapters. You can just keep your phone on the wireless charging dock and get your phone charged up in no-time. This is quite a unique technology that you can try if you are a tech enthusiast.

Price Range starts From Rs. 1,500/-

Wide Angle Lens to Capture Amazing Diwali Shots

The add-on lenses for smartphones are not that much popular but if you are a photography lover than you should definitely buy a wide angle lens for your smartphone to capture amazing Diwali shots. This smartphone lens comes with a zoom-in feature which lets you capture night sky and fireworks amazingly during Diwali season.

Price Range starts from Rs. 3000/-

Camera Lens for Mobile

Alexa- Amazon Echo Dot

The technologies are quite rapidly upgrading and bringing in new features direct to your home. This a perfect smart home device that works on your voice commands. You just have to say hi to Alexa and it can really get you a cab and can order delicious food for you. This also works as a Bluetooth speaker to play your favorite songs.  This is really an affordable accessory which you can gift to your friends and relatives as well. The tiny shape and size make it quite unique.

Priced at Rs. 4,499/-

Amazon Echo Dot

These smartphone and tech accessories will surely light up your Diwali this time. Looking to upgrade to a new phone? Sell Cell Phone for the best price at InstaCash.