The Rise Of E-Cars

After every new innovation we think that what will be the next!!! Where our thoughts get saturated, there an innovator starts thinking. Every year, we see how much technology has revolved the world. In 2015 smartwatches went mainstream, now the question is, what’s next?? What’s going to hold sway the world!!!

“Update: ZeroWaste is now InstaCash

Predictions about new tech innovation can give us the goosebumps and flow the current of excitements in our nervous system. Some predictions will always be easy to make, like more people will go online and use faster & advanced devices, smartphones, and gadgets. But today let’s talk about something more exciting which can drive you crazy, Yes, the “Electric Cars”, a fast growing Tech. Innovation.

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Top 3 Popular Apps’ Updates

Technology is something which has been making our lives more placid and advanced by bringing all the controls right in our grip. It is a considerable case when it comes to various apps that we have seen so far, and it’s always exciting to see new updates which have been introducing time to time for the further enhancement of the functionality of an app. Following are few latest app updates which are going to have a strong impact on our lives by giving it new smooth and happening turn:

“Update: ZeroWaste is now InstaCash

Integration of Chatbot with Facebook’s Messenger App.: Facebook took a step ahead from online socializing platform to online interactive business guidance platform.

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