Give the best care of your mobile phone.

Can you think your life without the mobile phone? Today, smartphones are the basic need of humankind. It seems that losing a phone would matter more than losing your wallet. Your mobile phone is the channel that connects you to everyone and everything that you are associated with. Mobile phones have become the functional unit of your lives. Every task has become so easy with the innovation of mobile phones. When you know that smartphones are so important in our lives, we need to care for it. Once you lose your mobile phone, it can be a threat to your privacy.

Ways to save your mobile phone

These simple steps will allow you to protect your mobile phones.

  • Do not forget to put a lock on your phone

This prevents someone to have physical access to your phone, hence securing your privacy. You just need to go to Settings > Security > Screen lock > Password and your phone is secured.

  • Use difficult passwords

Try avoiding the same password for different web services. Do not select passwords that people can easily guess. Use different characters and numbers for your password.

  • Setting a screen timeout

When you leave your phone inactive and open, there are possible changes that people can assess it when you are not around. Set a timer in your phone that locks your screen after a period of inactivity.

  • Avoid Phone rooting

Rooting your phone is kind of trend in the young age, it gives you advantages like removing pre-installed apps and much more. However, rooting opens your mobile phone to ore malware that can affect your personal information.

  • Keep Updating

One of the major step to keep your phone safe is to regularly update the phone and applications. It helps you fix bugs, give you better service and protect your application information. It also helps to stabilize your phone better.

  • Backing up your data

Always keep your sync on for your data so that no information, photo, videos, notes etc. are lost during any phone damage or mishaps.

  • Open Wi-Fi is a danger

However, Wi-Fi has many advantages like better speed and saving the cost of data usage but open Wi-Fi mostly connects you to undesirable serves hence creating a threat to your personal information stored on your mobile phone.

  • Tracking your phone down

There are might a chance that you may lose your phone and people can take advantage of all the information present in your mobile phone. Tracking your phone apps like Android Device Manager helps you locate your phone and get back all the data and hence securing it.

These simple steps can secure your phone in just 90 seconds. All these steps will help you minimize unauthorized access. It is better to be careful than to suffer later.