ZeroWaste Plus+: Sell old/used smartphone

Selling old smartphone at a good price in a convenient way has always been a tedious task, especially for the ones who call themselves the millennials (Generation Y). They don’t like to define such activities as their priorities, be it, bargaining on the final price, tantrums of people, the authenticity of the unreliable sources and others on the list. Due to which they get lesser valuations of their smartphone. This, of course, is one of the major problems we face.

“Update: ZeroWaste is now InstaCash

In short, the whole process takes loads of time and energy, but as a company (ZeroWaste) we don’t want you to be a part of any such unavoidable problems. We (ZeroWaste) have been servicing Tier-2 &Tier 3 customers for more than a year now and we are proud to say that we have been able to resolve all of our customers’ problems successfully. Having said that, there were still a couple of issues that we could not resolve, we knew that our system requires an improvisation.

“Change is the only constant thing in our life”

So, here we are, introducing a new & easily manageable e-products selling B-model called “ZeroWaste Plus+” for all types of smartphones (Android).This will be a true game-changer for the millennials.

Diagnosing your smartphones has become easier than before through evaluation which is done based on its current condition. We provide you with an assured system of selling which works extremely quickly as well as efficiently. Along with this, you can also avail the home pick up facility in less than 36 hours (depending on the location of the customer) with instant payment options (PayTm, Mobikwik, IMPS & NEFT) at the time of pickup.

“ ZeroWaste Plus+” That’s How We Roll;

1. Product Selection Process:

product selection

Let’s begin the process by selecting the device; also specify the standard specifications regarding the current condition of your product.

2. Diagnose Process (In case of Android smartphone):

online dignose

This Process will allow you to calculate the absolute price of your smartphone (Android) according to its current functionality. You can access this feature by downloading our recently introduced Android smartphone App INSTACASH from Google PlayStore.

3. E-valuation Process:


The valuation of the device is based on the physical condition & also on the functionality check results of your product. We have an efficient web of an algorithm which calculates the price of the product as per the details defined by you. The valuation will be more accurate when you will share the true details of the product.

4. Assured Home Pickup:

The process includes the free pick up facility of the product from your doorstep. You don’t have to dispatch the product anywhere; the Courier helper will come and do a physical verification of the product according to the details mentioned by you. If it matches the condition then he will take the same to our (ZeroWaste`s) Return Centre.

5. Instant payment:

money transfer 3

The instant payment service allows you to get the quoted money of your device at the time of pick up. You will get the money based on your prior selection. This process facilitates the frequent transaction.

The above-explained process “ ZeroWaste Plus+” will be completing its reach in two ways i.e. Instant Cash & SlowCash. Both processes have their own proficiency & compatibility, which will be fulfilling all types of the needs of millennials in either way.

INSTANT CASH; for those who want to have an instant cash facility at their doorstep.

It goes like this- you only have to download our smartphone app named INSTACASH from Google PlayStore and then run the Smart Diagnose, get the actual value of your mobile phone along with the full real-time functionality result, then you will be asked to specify the physical condition & the available original accessories of your smartphone.

You will have the true/current market price of your smartphone. Next, you have to choose the payment method as per your comfort, after defining the address and pick up timing details. Once you click on the complete order, your order will be placed. In next 48–72 hours, your order will be picked via a designated pickup partner (which would be based on the area of your location). If the condition of the device matches the defined condition by you, then the money will be transferred to your account, as per the prior selected payment option.

Meanwhile, if the device gets mismatched you will be offered a new price via our app (in real time only). If you say YES to the offered/revised price then the amount will be transferred or else the order will get canceled. This is a quick process through which you can avail the “Instant Cash” facility. Isn’t it easy?

SlowCash is for those who do not want to have the instant cash facility or those who want to sell a phone other than an android phone.

If you place a slow cash order, In this case, our partner vendor will be at your place in next 24 hours to pick your product and he will bring the phone to our service station. Though, there isn’t much difference in both the processes other than the payment transferring time & the extra INR 200/- service fee (Applicable only if order canceled by the customer). But still, there are people who love our SlowCash Facility.

Slow process to sell smartphone

Note: This post was originally published in August 2016 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.